Sputnik V performs well even against COVID-19 mutations: Russian scientists


Few Russian scientists are testing the effectiveness of revaccination with the Sputnik V shot to protect against new mutations of the Coronavirus. The results produced were strong, researchers said on Saturday.

President Vladimir Putin has already ordered for a review of Russian-produced vaccines for their effectiveness against new variants by. With the review ordered before 15th March, results of the trial are expected to be published soon.

A recent study carried out by the Gamaleya Centre in Russia showed that revaccination with Sputnik V vaccine is working very well against new coronavirus mutations, including the UK and South African strains of coronavirus,” said Denis Logunov, a deputy director of the centre, which developed the Sputnik V shot.

So-called viral vector shots such as Sputnik V use harmless modified viruses as vehicles, or vectors, to carry genetic information that helps the body build immunity against future infections. The revaccination used the same Sputnik V shot, based upon the same adenovirus vectors.

Some scientists have raised the possible risk that the body also develops immunity to the vector itself, recognizing it as an intruder and trying to destroy it. But developers of Sputnik V disagreed this would pose long-term problems.

“We believe that vector-based vaccines are actually better for future revaccinations than vaccines based on other platforms,” Logunov said.

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