Star Trek Legacy Release Date Speculation: Everything We Know So Far!

The only thing on the minds of Star Trek fans worldwide is Star Trek Legacy, even if the conclusion of Star Trek Picard is now a distant memory.

The creator of Star Trek Picard season 3, Terry Matalas, may produce a new Star Trek series called Star Trek Legacy. Captain Seven of Nine would serve as the show’s executive producer and guide the plot of the Star Trek characters introduced by Picard. We already know a lot and still don’t know a lot, but one thing is certain: fans want it. However, there is a warning. Unambiguously stated by Matalas, Star Trek Legacy is not currently being developed and is only an idea.

However, considering how well received Star Trek Picard season 3 was and the high watching numbers, there is surely a need for more. The Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 10 explicitly teases a sequel, and the actors and crew have also expressed a strong desire to continue the narrative of the USS Enterprise-G. Here is all of our conjecture on the Star Trek Legacy’s release date and other details.

Star Trek Legacy release date speculation

Assuming the series is announced by the end of 2023, summer 2025 is a likely premiere date for Star Trek Legacy. On the bright side, Paramount bright will want to capitalise on a sequel series right now because Star Trek Picard season 3 was one of the most popular shows on the streaming service this year.

However, whether or not this occurs will rely on a number of variables, including a quick end to the ongoing 2023 Writers Strike, which continues to be the principal barrier. Additionally, the series’ real development must be proceeding favourably and without any hiccups.

Matalas stated, “We want to make sure we don’t rush into [a Star Trek Legacy series],” when asked about the situation with Variety. We want to be sure we complete it correctly. We’re at that point now, I slyly remark. Nothing has been developed on it as of yet. Alex Kurtzman, who is in charge of the Star Trek television series, has made similar remarks since then. “We can clearly hear the supporters. There is undoubtedly more to the tale. We’ll see, then.

All of that sounds really encouraging, and it’s obvious that the series has momentum and that people making the decisions want to see it succeed. Theoretically, if Star Trek Legacy were to be approved, filming might start in some capacity in early 2024. As a result, the movie’s release date may be as soon as 2024 or, more likely, 2025.

Star Trek Legacy release date - Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

What would Star Trek Legacy be about?

The tale of the crew that was on the USS Titan-A, which is now the Enterprise-G and was commanded by Captain Seven of Nine, would continue in the Star Trek Legacy storyline. Additionally, we are aware that the young Jack Crusher, Picard and Beverly’s son, will be under the watchful observation of the returning Q.

There are no further specific storyline details that we are aware of. Terry Matalas has provided a general outline of his proposal for the show’s narrative in relation to Star Trek Legacy:

“In case you’re wondering, #StarTrekLegacy is what I’d call a spin-off show from #StarTrekPicard. A 25th Century show that explores the Last Generation and the Next…”

There are no further specific storyline details that we are aware of. Terry Matalas has provided a general outline of his proposal for the show’s narrative in relation to Star Trek Legacy:

That seems remarkably similar to what we saw in Picard season 3, but that’s okay. If we were to make a prediction, we’d say that Star Trek Legacy’s plot will centre on a single, overarching narrative rather than a series of standalone episodes. Fans have already seen it from Strange New Worlds, and it is obvious that Matalas enjoys writing large-scale, ambitious novels.

So the issue is, what might the story be about? We would anticipate it to have nothing to do with what we saw with the Borg and the Changelings and instead centre on something wholly different because the Picard season 3 finale left everything for our heroes absolutely open-ended. That is intriguing.

Obviously, a Star Trek Legacy trailer hasn’t been released yet. There also won’t be for a while. If the programme is produced, it may be anticipated that the trailer will debut a few months before the series’ debut, as it did with Picard and the more recent Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2.

If Star Trek Legacy is produced, it will premiere on Paramount Plus and join the ranks of all the other Star Trek programmes. service for streaming The majority of Star Trek media, including the Star Trek films and Star Trek Picard, can be found on Paramount Plus.

Ten episodes of Star Trek Legacy are most likely to air. Of course, this is only guesswork, but it is based on the number of episodes in previous new Star Trek shows like Strange New Worlds, Lower Decks, and Picard.

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