Starry Skies Await: Starfield Launch Times in Your Region!

The official release of Starfield on PC and Xbox Series platforms, five years after its announcement. There is a tonne to do in Bethesda Game Studios’ brand-new first-person space RPG, whether you want to go bounty hunting or build your own station on a barren planet.

Starfield, which was first unveiled in 2018, is one of Bethesda’s greatest titles to date and is already a contender for Game of the Year in 2023. Starting tonight, the game will now be accessible via Xbox Game Pass.

What is the Starfield saga? 

Starfield is set in the year 2330. Gravity engines that enable travel between planets and star systems have propelled humanity into interstellar space. The main task of harvesting materials on a moon is assigned to the player’s character, a miner. You’ll find an artefact that offers you a vision there. It becomes obvious that your character is unique. There is where the galactic adventure starts, with more than a thousand planets to discover.

When will Starfield be released? 

Although Starfield’s official release date is actually September 6, players in the US will be able to access the game tonight. Microsoft scheduled the release for September 5 at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT), which is 1 a.m. BST in the United Kingdom and 10 a.m. AEST in Australia on September 6. Due to an early access preorder bonus, those who preordered the Premium Edition or Constellation Edition of the game were able to play it on Friday.

What is the price of Starfield? 

Priced at $70 is Starfield Standard Edition. The $100 Premium Edition includes the Shattered Space story addition that will be available after the game’s release, the original soundtrack, the Constellation Skin Pack, and access to the Starfield Digital Artbook. Customers who preordered the Standard Edition and later decide they would like the Premium Edition can do so for $35. There is also the $250 Starfield Constellation Edition, which includes a Starfield Chronomark watch and a watch case, although it was previously out of stock.

Does Xbox Game Pass provide Starfield? 

Yes. When it debuts tonight, it will be accessible on Xbox Game Pass for consoles and computers. Additionally, Starfield will make advantage of the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, which enables users of digital copies of the game to switch between Xbox and PC without having to pay for both platforms.

There are various tiers to the monthly membership service Xbox Game Pass. The monthly cost of an Xbox-only subscription is $11, compared to $10 for a PC-only subscription. You must pay $17 a month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in order to have access to both PC and Xbox games as well as cloud gaming.

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