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The world depicted in Stolen is one where xenophobia is on the rise, climate change poses a threat to the reindeer herd, and young people would sooner commit suicide than confront widespread misery. Determined to maintain their ancient way of life, the Sami are an ethnic minority in Sweden who have suffered for years while industry and modernism have taken over the world. Unable to lie, she takes solace in solitude as the others attempt to identify the hunter. In addition to being a thriller drama, Stolen serves as a sombre and poignant reminder of the discrimination that Sami people endure at the hands of both the government and non-Sami residents. The film also discusses the high suicide rates among Sami youth and the bullying that they experience in schools.

In addition, there is the issue of global warming and the dislike of the inhabitants for the unrestrained reindeer on highways. Despite having hundreds of cases stacked up, the police never investigated or convicted anyone for maiming or torturing animals. Regarding women’s status among the Samis, any educated girl in the modern world would want to be her own boss and the owner of a reindeer herd—things that their patriarchal society would neither permit or favourably regard.


The picture features an impressive cast that is often overlooked, including Elin Kristina Oskal, Martin Wallström, Lars-Ánte Wasara, Ida Persson, Labba, Pávva Pittja, Ingahilda Tapio, Magnus Kuhmunen, Simon Issát Marainen, Niilá Omma, and Anne Lajla Westerfjell Kalstad.

Know the Maker

Based on the same-titled novel by award-winning author Ann-Helen Laestadius, Stolen is a Nordic noir film in the Swedish language. Elle Márjá Eira makes her directorial debut with Stolen, which is based on a screenplay by Peter Birro. Executive producer will be none other than Laestadius.

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Release Date

Stolen will be releasing Netflix on April 12, 2024.

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