Survival of the Thickest Season 1: Confirmed Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast and more


BoJack Horseman, Community, and other great comedies are among the Netflix offerings in the entertainment sector. There are now six seasons left in this television show. They recently gave the go-ahead for the dramedy Survival for the Thickest, which follows the life of Marvis, a single dad dealing with a crisis, in order to increase their comic programming.

A24 and Netflix studios will work with Michelle Buteau to produce the next series, which is based on her autobiography. Buteau has contributed to a number of comedic programs, including Always Be My Maybe and The First Wives Club. Everything we know about Survival of the Thickest is listed below.

Survival of the Thickest Season 1 Plot

The planned series will be based on the same-titled novel by Michelle Buteau. It examines Mavis Beaumont’s life as a black plus-sized mother who raises her children by herself. She has always put all her eggs in one basket and has an excessive amount of trust that everything will turn out OK.

She is shocked to discover that reality has a way of proving us wrong, and after her first plan doesn’t pan out, she has started over in order to restore her life. Further, she resolves to endure it all after learning to reconstruct her life, but she first needs her family’s help. The key ingredients are a good mood, the ideal lip gloss color, and a gorgeous V-neck.

Survival of the Thickest Season 1 Cast

The only member of the cast that we are aware of so far is the stunning Michelle Buteau, who will play Mavis Beaumont, a black single mother who is trying to start over in life. Tone Bell and Tasha are two other characters that are anticipated to join the group.

Khalil, Mavis’s best friend since high school, will be portrayed by Bell. He is characterized as a straightforward individual who doesn’t overcomplicate things. But as he begins to consider if complicated life for people who deserve it is bad, his position on not doing so shifts. Smith will take on the role of a self-made millionaire used to a lavish lifestyle.

Survival of the Thickest Season 1 Trailer

Given the development timetable, the Survival of the Thickest trailer has not yet been published and is unlikely to do so soon. It may be unrealistic to anticipate a trailer before the end of the year as filming is anticipated to last until November.

In 2023, a teaser or trailer for the dramedy might be published.

Survival of the Thickest Season 1 Release Date

Unfortunately, we are unsure of the exact release date for The Survival for The Thickest series, but it will probably start airing in 2023. Further on September 26th, the first day of filming, which is scheduled to go through November 20th. After that, the eight-part, 30-minute television series will enter post-production. If we’re lucky, it may debut as early as 2023.

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