Tapeworm Drug gets explored as a cure for COVID-19 by Reliance Industries

A new Covid-19 drug along with cheaper testing kits is being worked on by the Reliance Industries Ltd. in order to curb the massive spread of the virus previous year.

The annual report of the Reliance Industries Ltd., announced the exploration of using one of the tapeworm drug, Niclosamide, as a cure for Covid-19. India’s apex medical research body has approved the diagnostic kits for the same which are R-Green and R-Green Pro. According to one of the company’s report, Reliance Industries have also came up with a design of producing sanitizers at one-fifth the market cost.

So far the virus has sickened around 28.44 million of the Indian population and claiming more than 3,37,900 lives in the Asian countries thereby making it the pandemic’s epicenter with the worlds fastest surging Covid outbreak. Although the second wave is flowing away from the nation, yet experts have cautioned against a third terrible wave of infections. In order to deal with the same, refining to retail group comes in with their efforts.

When the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic hit the nation in the month of April, India witnessed a serious shortage of oxygen. Reliance Industries then repurposed their plants in Jamnagar to the world’s biggest oil refinery site, in order to commence with the production of medical grade oxygen. According to a reports, the medical grade generators will be capable of having a capacity of five to seven litres per minute.

Apart from the above, by using 3D technology and a special snorkeling mask, Reliance Industries continues to make an attempt cushioning the shortage of ventilators across the nation.

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