TAS/ The Academy School is the first NEP Model School in Pune

The Academy School students, in an online event, launched the NEP model for the school on Republic Day.

The kindergarten students of The Academy School (TAS), Pune, on Republic Day, launched the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 model in the school, making it the first in the city to adopt the model. The NEP model was introduced in the school in collaboration with the Finnish Education System.

The school had already started working on the NEP model last year. The students explained the work done in the previous year and the line of action in the coming years. More than 500 attendees of the event remained glued to their respective communication devices.

Four students from Senior KG emceed the event while eight Sr. KG and Nursery students showcased pre-recorded videos of the class routine at the TAS. Eva Kalawade, a Nursery school student, inaugurated the NEP poster and the principal of TAS introduced the policy. The attendees included students from kindergarten to second grade and representatives of the parent-teacher association.

“NEP brings in a much-needed focus on international standards of applied learning, multiple learning pathways, and focus on technology-enabled pedagogy.  NEP paints a positive image of learning that is built on a solid foundation of five years of activity-based learning and another three years of preparation,” said Dr Maithili Tambe, CEO, TAS, adding, “It has a wide ambit from early childhood to higher education, professional education to vocational education, teacher training to professional education.”

The school collaborated with Finland education system to make students future-ready by building 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration, developing curiosity, and communication. The event also focused on the training and learning that a teacher has to go through to make education simple and effective for students.

Parents lapped up the model and gave a tremendous response to the school’s initiatives. They believe that schools will become a better place with such education models in place. They validated the policy coupled with the Finnish education system and provided testimonies of the way of learning and knowledge.

“This was not just a unique way of presenting the NEP but also gave students the experience of oratory and presentation skills and a view of India’s future. Cultivating values, building confidence, academic intelligence, and overall development of students is what is expected of the education system and institutes,” said Vipul Nilapwar, a parent.

Meet 5-year-old authors

Nursery and Senior KG students don’t get story books in the school. No–  it’s not a punishment, but because students create their own story books! From their own versions of the evergreen Thirsty Crow to Bella Bear and Birds, the students use their imagination and recreate the story in their own words and– hey!– draw animals, birds and people too.

At a young age, it is said, the mind is at its creative best, and thus can be moulded accordingly. The story book exercise fuels imagination and gives them an opportunity to play with words and images. This is the beginning towards building a strong foundation of Young India!

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