Tata Consumer Products Ltd stepping towards boosting up E-commerce capabilities

In order to strengthen its fast-moving consumer products Tata Consumer Products Ltd. (TCPL) is stepping up stairs across all its key functions.

Digital is going to be the key this year in order to boost up e-commerce capabilities, according to Tata Sons chairperson N Chandrasekaran. Taking the plan one step ahead Tata is launching Eight O’clock, an American gourmet coffee brand through D2C route in India.

This month, Tata has also launched  its customizable coffee brand “Sonnet” which available for purchase under brands, Tata Sampann, Tata tea and other direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands platforms.

N Chandrasekaran addressing AGM said, “a few D2C products have been launched and I am happy that soon Eight O’Clock will be launched in India.”

Notably, analysts says that company is also looking forward to create synergies through BigBasket in future, a company that Tata bought in the month of May.

According to Managing Director and CEO Sunil D’souza, the company’s sales channel has doubled and made its mark by 130% increase in Financial Year’21.

However, N Chandrasekaran can also be heard adding further, that Tata has been on a transformation journey to synergize its business and brands. He also said that the company has made a significant progress on its plans.

To achieve next level growth the company is looking forward to analyst data for strategic planning, N Chandrasekaran said.

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