Tesla sues 2 weeks old software engineer for corporate espionage

Tesla has filed a lawsuit against on one of his software engineer, Alex Khatilov for allegedly stealing trade secrets just days after joining.

It is being said that Alex Khatilov transferred confidential files to his personal Dropbox cloud storage account and stole over 6000 scripts/files of code. Those files can be used to reverse engineer any of the Tesla products and cause million in damages.

He was fired on Jan 06, 2021 just 2 weeks after joining when the revelations were made against him. A restraining order has been issued against him by US District Judge and has been ordered to return all the files & appear before her court on Feb 04.

Whereas Alex Khatilov says that he hasn’t shared any sensitive information with any of the Tesla competitors and had deleted the data at their requested & didn’t had access to any sensitive information.

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