That ’90s Show renewed for a Season 2 at Netflix; Check all the details we know so far


Aren’t you all excited for the next season of That ’90s Show? Well, to be honest, who isn’t? Ever since the last season premiered, the fans of the show have been eagerly anticipating the second season. In case you are one of those show addicts for the next season to premiere, then here we are to provide you with all the details we know about the upcoming season of the series.

To begin with, That ’90s Show is an American television period teen sitcom set in the summer of 1995, utilising characters and locations from its predecessor, That ’70s Show. It debuted on Netflix on January 19, 2023. The show got renewed for a second season in February 2023. In October 2021, Netflix announced a spin-off of the series, titled That ’90s Show, with Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp reprising their roles as Red and Kitty Forman, respectively.

Now that we know the second season is on its way, check out all the details we know about the Season 2 of That ’90s Show.

That ’90s Show Season 2: Is it happening?

After much anticipation, we are delighted to let you know that there will be a second season of That ’90s Show. The network has recently renewed the show for another season at Netflix.

That ’90s Show Season 2: Cast

At this moment of writing, there is no official notice about the cast list of the upcoming season of the series. However, as usual, we expect most of the series regulars and main characters to star in the next season as well. Following the same, check out the potential cast below:

  • Kurtwood Smith as Red Forman
  • Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman
  • Callie Haverda as Leia Forman
  • Ashley Aufderheide as Gwen
  • Mace Coronel as Jay Kelso
  • Reyn Doi as Ozzie
  • Sam Morelos as Nikki
  • Maxwell Acee Donovan as Nate Runck

That ’90s Show Season 2: Plot

As of now, the plotline for the upcoming season is still kept under the wraps. However, we know that the series, broadly set 15 years after the events of That ’70s Show, follows Leia Forman, the teenage daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti, forming bonds with other teenagers as she spends the summer of 1995 with her grandparents Red and Kitty in Point Place, Wisconsin.

That ’90s Show Season 2: Release Date

Currently, the latest update we know about the series is that it is renewed for another season. We are yet to know the filming for the next season has begun which is why can cannot speculate the release date of the season 2.

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