The Boys cast: Who will be starring in the superhero thriller series?


Since the MCU’s debut, which permanently altered the cinematic landscape, the world has been infatuated with comic book movies. While MCU flicks provide pleasant, unoffensive family entertainment, streaming giant Prime Video has different plans for The Boys. The programme is quite violent, rife with obscenities, and probably not suitable for young children.

The sci-fi series has been one of the most well-liked offerings on the streaming service since it made its Prime Video debut back in 2019. This is mostly due to its drastically different perspective on heroes and villains. The Boys cast brings to life a wide variety of great characters, which is a key element of the TV show’s attraction.

The cast of The Boys includes several well-known actors as well as some fresh faces, so if you’re wondering where you’ve seen the actors before or where you can see them next, we’ve got you covered right here with our breakdown of the main performers.

Who is in The Boys cast?

  • Karl Urban as Billy Butcher
  • Antony Starr as Homelander
  • Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell
  • Erin Moriarty as Annie January/Starlight
  • Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy
  • Tomer Capone as Frenchie
  • Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko Miyashiro
  • Chace Crawford as The Deep
  • Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve
  • Jessie Usher as A-Train
  • Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk
  • Elisabeth Shue as Madelyn Stillwell


Karl Urban is perhaps the cast member with the largest name and most recognisable face. The MCU, Star Trek, and The Lord of the Rings are just a few of the major properties in which the actor has appeared.

The evil performance Antony Starr makes as Homelander is one of the show’s major features, making it difficult to imagine that The Boys is somewhat of a breakout role for him. Prior to playing this part, Starr had a number of TV roles, including the lead in the drama series Banshee.

Jack Quaid is the son of seasoned actor Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, the queen of the romantic comedy film, but his success goes beyond simple nepotism.

Erin Moriarty’s role in The Boys is perhaps her biggest to date, but there’s a high chance you’ve already seen her face on television. Since Moriarty portrayed Hope Shlottman in the first season of the Marvel television series Jessica Jones, she is actually no stranger to the world of superheroes.

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