The Boys season 4: Everything that we know?


If ever there was a hint that The Boys’ obscene, crude, shock, and awe element was intoxicating audiences, it was the season four renewal, which occurred just one week after the season three debut of the programme. It just so happened to be the episode where the dick who went boom was highlighted. Even if it definitely wasn’t the main explanation, there’s no denying that The Boys saw a spike in viewers. Simply put, what happened after the season three premiere was devilish.

We were left with too many unresolved questions by The Boys’ third season finale, and we can’t wait to see them all answered. What is the return date for the following season and which characters have advanced to the fourth round?

The Boys season 4 – What about the cast?

In the season three finale of The Boys, a lot of characters were on the verge of passing away, but just one did. We’re sad to say that Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) won’t be back for a second season after Homelander tore out his insides (Antony Starr). Although Dominique McElligott’s Queen Maeve did not pass away suddenly, it is unknown if she will play the part again. We sincerely hope to see her on the call sheet even if her character arc appears to have ended (more on that below).

The Boys season 4 – What about the plot?

Your guess is as good as Karl Urban’s, who admitted he didn’t know the characters’ fates during season three of the show. “I don’t know. In early July, he added, “So that’ll tell you something, but sure, not too far away. In fact, I anticipate that we’ll… In fact, Kripke and I are going to meet, and I anticipate that we’ll start talking about what he has planned.

“I want to treat them with respect by allowing them to complete their writing process without interruption from actors asking, “What are we doing? But I’m impatient. It will be entertaining because they always think of crazy things.

The Boys season 4 – When will it release?

The Boys’ third season ended on July 8; however, while a fourth was already in the works, there haven’t been many updates on when it would air. In June, Karl Urban quickly informed the public that season four’s production would soon start, saying: “I think we’re going to start season four on August 22. I am already anticipating returning and putting my Butcher back on.


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