‘The Boys’ Season 4 premiere date set at Prime Video; Here’s everything you need to know

Eric Kripke’s 2019 web series The Boys turned the superhero concept in a bad way. By highlighting superheroes who abuse their powers, the creator opened the ground for a new group of vigilantes to come out and stop them. The Boys are heroes without capes. After three successful seasons, the last instalment of the beloved franchise premiered on Prime Video in 2022. After nearly two years, the producers have returned with The Boys season 4. When the official teaser was released last year, viewers were totally excited. The 4th season is set to debut on the OTT platform on June 13.

The Boys’ official X (previously Twitter) account announced on February 23. The note reads, “The date is June 13th. You sit down with a cuppa of tea, turn on your tube, and say to yourself.”

A reference to the action-adventure game GTA was also added, as was a clip from the online sport. It showed an avatar of a player standing in a virtual world with its back to the camera. The iconic GTA phrase, “Ah shite, here we go again,” was written in the photo.

‘The Boys’ Season 4 Cast 

In addition to Antony Starr and Claudia Doumit, Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Laz Alonso and Jessie T Usher will reprise their roles in The Boys 4. Valorie Curry, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Susan Heyward are among the new cast members on the Emmy-winning drama.

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