The case of Han Junwe, Chinese intruder nabbed in Bengal by BSF

The Border Security Forces (BSF) had apprehended a 36-year-old Chinese national identified as Han Junwe, while his intrusion in Indian border along the India-Bangladesh international border with the absence of any valid document.

In Malda district, Han was apprehended by the Border Security Forces at border outpost Malik Sultanpur. Han was chased and caught after he started to run, upon being challenged by the security forces and was finally brought to border outpost Mohadipur for interrogation.

Han was found with a pair of Chinese SIM cards along with a Bangladeshi and an Indian SIM card, an Apple laptop along with a pair of iPhones, two pen drives, a pair of torches with three batteries and five money transaction machines. Along with some United States dollar, Indian rupees and Bangladeshi Taka, he was also found carrying two MasterCard ATM cards.

According to the investigators, there is a strong possibility that Han was a spy working for a Chinese agency that provided the kind of electronic devices he was carrying. Han has said to have supplied around 1,300 Indian SIMs to China over the last one and a half years.

Although his real motives seem to have been more sinister, according to the officials, Han has claimed that he entered India for trade. According to the investigators, a lot of documents prove that he was trying to establish himself in India while he was already on the radar of the ATS in Lucknow. Earlier, his business partner Sun Jiang was arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Squad in Lucknow on several charges.

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