The Devil’s Hour Season 1: Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and everything we know so far


Is the month of October your favorite of the year? Are you planning anything if it is? Worry not if the response is “no,” as Amazon has you covered with their next series. In a thriller series, it’s impossible to predict what will happen, and even if you can, you’re almost always incorrect.

The show centers on Lucy, a mother who just wants the best for her child. Lucy is about to experience a roller coaster with endless nightmares, a troubled child, investigations, and a creepy man in the mix. Everything we know about the gripping Amazon thriller series is listed below.


The Devil’s Hour Renewal Status

On November 22, Prime Video announced that it has renewed the well-liked UK original thriller “The Devils Hour” for a second and third season.


The Devil’s Hour Season 1 Plot

The Devil’s Advocate is a psychological suspense film with superb writing and intelligent acting. It covers the life of the social worker and mother Lucy. Lucy sounds like an ordinary person, but what sets her apart is that she consistently rises at 3:33 a.m. Why? Lucy has nightmare hauntings.

In addition to not smiling or speaking, Lucy’s problematic boy also seems to have a mother who converses with spirits. It has a slightly psychotic appearance while also appearing strange. Although there is no proof at this time, Lucy has a strong suspicion that a guy is involved in the killings. A bizarre tale, spooky adventure, love story, and humor all rolled into one


The Devil’s Hour Season 1 Cast

Lucy, the tortured mother who has to get up every day at 3:33, is portrayed by Jessica Raine. This is not Raine’s first appearance on our television; among her previous roles is that of a midwife. She will be cast in the Starz series Becoming Elizabeth along with Fortitude and Baptiste.

Lucy spends the whole of the night worrying about the unsettling figure, played by Peter Capaldi. Capaldi’s strong performance in the series reflects his reputation as a critically praised performer who has been in several series. Still, Malcolm Tucker from the Doctor Who series is his most well-known character. The detective is played by Nikesh Patel (Starstruck), while Alex Ferns is another character.


The Devil’s Hour Season 1 Trailer

It is only appropriate if you want a preview of the terror that awaits you after reading all the mind-bending information. For the new horror series, Amazon has thankfully published not one, but two trailers. Threats are being made, time is passing, and the star may soon run out of time.

Imagine how fantastic the series will be if the just-released trailer makes your heart beat quicker and your intellect works faster than normal. What more could a person want than thrills, murder, intrigue, fear, and hallucinations? Keep in mind that the series premieres on Amazon on October 28, 2022.


The Devil’s Hour Season 1 Release Date

If you can’t afford to watch a horror film by yourself, now is the time to find a friend because the series will start airing on October 28th, 2022. Stunning acting can be found in all six episodes, so get ready to be entertained.

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