The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) [2021]

We present you the data about the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI),

AI (Artificial Intelligence) are the gadgets we use that are intelligent and makes people’s everyday tasks easy. For example, Alexa can remind us about our daily appointments, it keeps a check on our grocery list and play our favourite music and even play some brain games. It’s like a human companion which is not a human but acts as human-like capabilities. Now we will tell you what is the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

1. Machine Learning

Machine learning has played a very significant role. It can solve real-life situations easily by collecting, analyzing and processing data from various sources. Their aim is for the machine to be able to make decisions without human intervention.  This is useful in education, medicine, search engine results, digital marketing, etc… There are two great examples of machine learning. The first example is the Google search engine which has features like speech recognition, image search, and translation and many others. The second great example would be companies like Amazon and Flipkart which provides personalized experiences to users according to their own taste.

2. Deep Learning

This type of learning can solve more complex problems and work on a huge amount of data to create new business scenarios. The great examples of this type of learning would be driving cars, computer vision, face recognition on the phone and Facebook (FB).  Self-driving cars might give 100% confidence to users.  Recognition and classification of handwritten notes aren’t that far from reality. The future thus needs people with a lot of creative thinking skills and reasoning for this area of AI.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This type of learning process might be the future of businesses. Virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are already changing the way people change their everyday tasks. These assistants can know what a user wants by asking a few questions and the need to go through the whole bunch of data can be reduced. This can help transform the way business is done. Although, this type of language processing can help people in analyzing audio, video and text data in an easy format and bring improvements in the field of data science. It could be a reality if one speech is recognized better and machine can understand the sentiments and emotions too.

4. Robotics

Robotics is the only area of AI that can make big strides in the future. Its engineers are constantly trying their best to think of ways to create robots who can behave like humans, interact and think like them. This has the power to change our future in more than one way such as:

a) Education

The robots can help the students learn at their own pace and make their learning more personalised.

b) Home

Robots can follow instructions and do tasks such as running the washing machine, do simple cooking tasks, prepare the dinner table and turn the fan for us. All this is possible if there is no human interruption and if they give robots tasks one at a time.

c) Office

The robots can be able to listen to the voice, recognize and comprehend various sounds and instructions, communicate over voice commands and perform simple tasks.

d) Healthcare

Robots can understand a patient’s conditions and provide initial first-aid and help by setting up further meetings with doctors.

e) Your fun companion

Robots can truly play games with us and interact with us.

4. Neural networks and fuzzy logic

The traditional binary logic is no longer useful to control complex processes because no particular mathematical model can be applied to solve every situation. So the fuzzy logic is to be increasingly accepted worldwide and especially with systems that contain a lot of unstructured information and also we need a more complex mechanism to solve problems.

5. Decision-making support systems

Like humans, computers can make decisions regarding human inputs. Let us explain with an example if a loan analysis gives you an idea on which loan can be suitable for us based on our requirements and to know how to invest based on market conditions, the stock market app can help us with that. In the near future, such intelligent systems can check the health and overcome the faults in a piece of machinery and detect new problems which are based on currently available information and also suggest improvements in a logistics system.


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