The Gentlemen Season 1: When is it coming on Netflix? Check other details including Plot, Cast and more!


Guy Ritchie, who conceived and produced the 2019 film The Gentlemen, is back in the studios to adapt it. The first two episodes are scheduled to be directed by Ritchie, who is now assisting Toff Guy Film with the show’s development.

Together with Mathew Read, he will write the pilot episode. Peaky Blinders and Curfew are only two of the well-known projects that Read has worked on. The Gentlemen series will feature all of the directors and producers who worked on the original film, according to all the Netflix updates, and this is everything we currently know about the upcoming adaptations.


The Gentlemen Season 1 Plot

Well, The Gentlemen series examines drug oligarchies, social sins, and social treachery. It revolves around Mickey Pearson, a drug lord who has established one of London’s largest and most powerful drug empires. Further, he is feared by everyone involved in the drug trade, but when news gets out that he intends to retire from the industry permanently, havoc ensues.

The drug cartels conspire and scheme to take control of the industry, offering payments and receiving threats of blackmail. Furthermore, Pearson must decide whether to continue with his plan to cash out and leave the company permanently or to choose his empire.


The Gentlemen Season 1 Cast

Since the Gentlemen series is still in its early stages of development, we haven’t heard anything about its casting. Although this hasn’t been confirmed, it’s possible that the actors from the first movie may return to reprise their parts. Mickey Pearson, the protagonist of the original series, played by Mathew McConaughey, invests in a marijuana empire in London.

Along with Hugh Grant (Kaos), Jeremy Strong, Michelle Dockery (Anatomy of a Scandal), Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, and Colin Farrell (Sugar), he appeared in the film. Since it is almost impossible for all of them to return for the series remake, it’s possible that one or two of them will, either in new or recast roles. Mathew McConaughey is the most likely candidate to return, but only time will tell.


The Gentlemen Season 1 Trailer

Sadly, the Gentlemen series trailer has not yet been posted, and because production has not yet begun, it will be some time before we see any teasers. You may anticipate a trailer to be published around the middle of 2023 as filming is scheduled to start before the year is through.


The Gentlemen Season 1 Release Date

Since Netflix has not yet provided an update on the series’ development, we are unsure of the series’ release date. All that is known is that the program is actively being developed, which means that the showrunners and creators are currently writing and revising the screenplay.

Following the writing process, the series will move through preproduction, production, and finally postproduction; hopefully, Netflix will provide updates during each stage. Given that the series production is planned for November 2022, the show’s release date might be 2023 or 2024.

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