The guide to scheduling like a pro

There are different essential commitments in our lives or things that need proper scheduling. It can be a meeting, travel, zoom calls, or any doctor’s appointments or your family’s activities. So many things are going on inside most of our calendar apps in this busy world. To make your ongoing life easy and not allow personal and business matters to get mixed or interfere, you must know scheduling. Otherwise, poor scheduling can affect your work and personal life. This article will discuss some ways or steps to take back control of your schedule and do proper scheduling.

And sometimes, even after following the steps and ways, you cannot manage your schedule due to work pressure. It is a common thing because everyone has a busy life nowadays. In such cases, the easiest thing you can do is find someone or let someone else handle your scheduling in manager time and calendar. Scheduling is often handed over to virtual assistants like ossisto, and they make scheduling easy such as calls, meetings, travel, appointments, etc. So this article will also cover how a VA can help with different calendar management responsibilities.

How can you better manage your scheduling?

There are a few easy ways to help you take back control of your calendar and time. However, your calendar app must probably get booked at least a few weeks in advance. So you must follow some quick steps and start today to regain balance with your existing calendar.

  1. Choose one solution that centralizes all your commitments onto one calendar:if you have a separate calendar for different commitments, then you will face wild scheduling, and there will be chances for events to get poorly scheduled. So the solution for this problem is to choose one solution like ossisto to centralize your commitments, whether it be meetings, calls, events, appointments on one schedule. It is the best way to get a clear-cut idea of your schedule, and it will help you in future scheduling. You can use the calendar app or a paper calendar for this purpose and ease your scheduling.
  2. Set guidelines: while scheduling, it will become easier for you to stay on track if you set some guidelines on when events can be scheduled. You can set guidelines on when events can be scheduled, such as the days of the week, times of the day, etc. This guideline will help you schedule work events during working hours and family events during non-working hours. It will also avoid over-scheduling or any hectic schedule.
  3. add everything to your calendar: it is better to add downtime, personal time, deep work time, family time onto the calendar. It will make the planning easier; otherwise, there are chances that other events can get scheduled over this time which is not mentioned in your calendar. You can also reschedule if the need arises.
  4. Set policies around calls and meetings: Once you are back on track and managing your schedule correctly, make sure you do not fail because of the expectations of others. And for this, you need to set some rules or policies related to meetings or calls. Such as limiting the number of calls or meetings to specific numbers according to days or weeks. Set and communicate these policies to everyone who needs to know.
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Types of calendar management tasks to hire a VA.

If you want to let someone else manage your calendar and help in scheduling, then a virtual assistant can help you with this task. Here are some calendar management responsibilities in which we can seek the help of a virtual assistant.

  1. To schedule your travel:if you are a person who has to travel for business, then you can seek the support of a virtual assistant who will help in making travel arrangements for you. A virtual assistant will take care of all the travel necessities from beginning to end. It will allow you to spend quality time with your family rather than getting busy preparing for the trip. You will also get time to prepare for presentations when you are going out with the conference rather than involving yourself in the headache of other necessities. In short, a virtual assistant will help you plan the meetings, reserve your hotel rooms, book your tickets, and maintain every detail of information and steps you can easily follow.
  2. To plan your events, you need to put in many efforts and preparations to conduct a successful event. In this work, a virtual assistant can help you plan the entire event focusing on whatever is required, whether a presentation or preparing the talk, reserving the event center, sending invitations, posting advertisements on social media, planning your meals, or food-related breaks and so on.
  3. To schedule your appointments:if you are a consultant or a service provider, then scheduling an appointment with your customers or client is a necessary job. A virtual assistant can manage your schedule with the client by booking appointments, sending confirmation means answering the questions, rescheduling appointments necessary, and all the other work required in it.
  4. To Manage your calendar: if you face problems in scheduling appointments or need to change your work schedule due to any issues, a virtual assistant can help you with this. A VA will manage and maintain the schedule and run your business in a successful and well-organized manner.


The above mentioned were some of the ways you can follow to get control of your schedule and the tasks in which a virtual assistant can offer you help or support. Hiring a virtual assistant will give you more time to concentrate on your business and avoid scheduling issues. You can get the best virtual assistant for your business on different online service providers such as ossisto virtual assistant services. Visit if you need a virtual assistant for any task management. Then, once you get back on track, maintain it, yield you benefits.

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