The Liveliest Games for Players in India

With a population the size of India’s, it’s no wonder that so much attention is focused on the liveliest games for players in India. Without doubt, the Indian Premier League (IPL) enjoys top billing as the most played, most-watched, and most-loved sport in the country. Cricket is more than a sport, or a form of recreation; it’s deeply ingrained in the country’s culture since colonial times. While a foreign implant, India made cricket a fabulously popular sport for locals across the socio-economic spectrum. It is played with gusto in impoverished communities and by the well-heeled alike.

The IPL isn’t the traditional version of cricket that one-day international fans or test cricket fans typically watch or play. It is a Twenty-20 version of cricket that is filled with swagger. This abridged version of the game promises plenty of big-hitting pomp and flair. Due to its shortened nature, it has amassed an incredible worldwide following, many of whom reside in India. In 2019, for example, the Indian Premier League was valued at US$6.7 billion – no laughing matter. In terms of revenue generation alone, the IPL adds enormously to India’s GDP, with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual contributions.

Beyond cricket is a native sport with a massive following. It is known as Kabaddi. This centuries-old game even has a professional league known as the PKL (Pro Kabaddi League), officially introduced in 2014. Consider that in its first season, it amassed a huge following on TV with 435 million viewers. That’s the power of numbers in a country the size of India. Between 2016 – 2017, Pro Kabaddi boosted TV viewership by an additional 100 million people – that’s no laughing matter. Other lesser-played sports in India include field hockey, badminton, and professional football. While fans in India enjoy these games, the popularity of these games doesn’t come close to the outrageous viewer numbers and player participation rates as cricket and Kabaddi.

Introducing India to the Digital Age of Entertainment

According to Statista, India is one of the fastest expanding markets when it comes to online gaming. Studies by Rakuten Insight found that the most popular genres for online gaming in India (March 2020) include shooter games, with 36% of males playing shooter games, and 23% of females playing shooter games. It comes as no surprise that sports games online are equally popular in India, with 26% of males playing them, and 13% of females playing them. Other prominent online games enjoyed across the subcontinent include Battle Royale games, with 24% of males playing them, and 10% of females. This is followed close in tow by role-playing games (RPG), with stats of 23% males and 17% females.

A fast-growing online casino cardplaying market is also prevalent across India. According to the numbers, 8% of male respondents stated that they played online casino and card games, while double that quota of females reported playing online casino and card games. Several ranking online casinos have now opened their doors to players across India, including which features the option to play live casino games in addition to traditional online casino games. The live casino arena is quickly becoming the most in-demand attraction at gaming hubs. Players get to interact with authentic croupiers via streaming webcam. Examples of Live Casino Games include Live Casino Hold ’em, Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Game Shows, 3 Card Brag live, and others.

The transition from physical games to online games is rapidly taking root in India. While the US is home to Silicon Valley and its technological prowess, India is home to Bangalore which is considered the Silicon Valley of India. It is a leading technology hub, which is rapidly developing copious quantities of online gaming attractions for a swelling player base. According to Statista in 2021, there are currently 560 million Internet users in India. It is 2nd only to China in terms of the sheer number of Internet-equipped customers in the world. By 2023, it is estimated that some 650 million+ Internet users will be surfing the web in India!

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