The Santa Clauses Season 2: Everything we know till now

The new episodes of The Santa Clauses’ second season will debut on November 8 and will then air once a week for the remainder of the season, promising to deliver more adventures just in time for the holidays. Two episodes of the family comedy will be available to stream when Tim Allen’s rendition of Santa Claus returns to television, laying the groundwork for the stories to come as Christmas slowly draws near. The famous protagonist is still looking for a worthy replacement in the wake of how the first season ended.

The Legacy Goes On

In the 1994 release of the first Santa Clause movie, Tim Allen portrayed a typical father. Scott Calvin didn’t even believe in Santa Claus, but when the jolly old elf died after falling from his roof, Scott Calvin was given the task of taking on the role. There are other ways for the world to change from one Santa Claus to the next, so the fact that Scott is seeking for someone else to fill the job does not indicate that he will pass away. But Scott is prepared to move on after spending decades making Christmas spectacular.

A quick recap

The premise of the first episode of the series—Santa was seeking for a secure retirement plan—was extremely obvious. Sadly, he was unable to find a replacement for his position without jeopardising the integrity of his duties with the assistance of Mrs. Claus (Elizabeth Mitchell) and the rest of his family. In the upcoming episodes, Scott will experiment with a new strategy by teaching his son Cal (Austin Kane) how to distribute gifts to youngsters all around the world. I’m hoping the boy will end up being the perfect one to take the mantle.

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