The Terminal List Season 2: Is it renewed for a new season? Here’s what we know!


When it debuted on Amazon Prime Video earlier this year, the gritty action drama The Terminal List quickly rose to the top of the service’s daily top 10 list and gave dads everywhere another action-packed book series adaptation to watch, following in the footsteps of Bosch, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and Reacher. It hasn’t been renewed yet for whatever reason, but we still anticipate that it will.

The first season of The Terminal List is based on Jack Carr, a former Navy SEAL who is now a novelist, and his debut novel of the same name. It follows James Reece, a SEAL commander (Chris Pratt), as he unravels a top-level military plot in order to get revenge on those responsible for the deaths of the other members of his unit and the two individuals who were even closest to him.

Carr has authored four additional James Reece novels since The Terminal List came out in 2018, so Pratt & co. won’t be short of material to adapt. The Terminal List seems like a lock for Season 2 renewal given its popularity and wealth of source material, but it hasn’t occurred yet.


The Terminal List Renewal Status

Although a second season of The Terminal List has not yet been purchased by Amazon as of November 23, Chris Pratt guaranteed fans in a September podcast conversation with Jack Carr.

It is surprising that the program hasn’t been renewed yet considering how frequently series as immediately popular as The Terminal List are. For instance, a few days after the first season’s launch, Reacher was renewed for Season 2. However, it appears like Pratt and Amazon still need to sort out certain aspects before Season 2 is formally announced.


The Terminal List Plot

Jack Carr’s timeline would be followed in The Terminal List Season 2. Showrunner David DiGilio urged viewers of the program to read Carr’s second book, True Believer because it is the continuation of James Reece’s journey in an interview with It’s a fantastic book, and it serves as an excellent guide for Season 2, according to DiGilio. Carr stated that Season 2 would contain eight episodes, the same number as Season 1, with a different interview.

Jack Carr’s website states that True Believer follows James Reece on a new adventure as he accepts a presidential pardon for the actions he took in The Terminal List in exchange for aiding the American government in trying to thwart a global terrorist plot that is linked to a “shadowy former Iraqi commando” with whom he has a history. Reece discovers a global conspiracy involving a CIA traitor and “a diabolical assassination plan with international implications” while searching for answers and tracking out terrorists while traveling the world.


The Terminal List Cast

There aren’t many people that might potentially appear in Season 2 of The Terminal List by the end of Season 1. Chris Pratt is the only individual whose return we can guarantee with absolute confidence. True Believer, on the other hand, adds a tonne of fresh characters that may attract even more A-list talent to the show.

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