The top five smartest animals in the world

From detecting tuberculosis in humans to outperforming us in memory tests, we aren’t the only intelligent creatures on this planet. Truth be told, we’re far from it. Animals might not be able to talk, but they might not be as dumb as you first thought. Check out the brainiest animals nature offers:

  1. Dolphins: Dolphins are well-documented as intelligent animals and can recognize themselves in a mirror and communicate with each other. Their large brain is structured for awareness and emotion. Dolphin-brains are even more structurally-complex than those of humans, according to a dolphin expert.
  2. Rats: Pet rats can be trained just like dogs and can learn how to fetch or rollover. Their ability to solve problems has also been documented by numerous scientific studies, such as those in which rats find their way through mazes with the reward of food.
  3. Pigs: Pigs are the smartest domestic-animals in the world. Researchers have found that domestic-pigs can use mirrors to find their food and will try to deceive other pigs for more food. Pigs also learn quickly and can do tricks ranging from jumping through hoops to playing video games with joysticks.
  4. Elephants: Elephants have been observed using tools such as sticks to pick-at-ticks and palm-fronds to swat at flies. They also have an excellent memory, hence the saying “elephants never forget.” Elephants can recognize members of their herd even after being separated from them for years. They can remember locations of old water sources if their current home experiences a drought.
  5. Squirrels: Squirrels are fast-learners and they learn from their peers, especially when stealing food is involved. Furthermore, while squirrels are known to bury food in preparation for winter, they will sometimes only pretend to bury it to trick onlooking animals, preventing them from identifying the real location of their food.

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