The Winchesters: Episode release date, cast, plot and everything else we know

The Winchesters are going to premiere on our televisions after being initially teased more than a year ago. The long-awaited prequel series for Supernatural will explain how Dean and Sam’s parents, John Winchester (Drake Rodger) and Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly), first met and fell in love. Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on the programme, is also one of its producers along with his wife Danneel and former Supernatural actor Robbie Thompson.

John and Mary Winchester had a significant impact on Sam and Dean’s lives even though they weren’t around for the majority of Supernatural episodes. The series started with Mary (Samantha Smith) dying when Sam Winchester was a baby and John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) going missing after spending more than 20 years trying to find the creature that killed her. In the course of the series, it was revealed that John dropped out of high school and enlisted in the Marine Corps because he thought his father had abandoned him. He had previously served in Vietnam and was a mechanic when he met Mary.

The Winchesters: What about the plot?

What John was unaware of was the fact that Henry, his father, had actually been a member of the Men of Letters, a clandestine society, and had passed away during his last indoctrination into the society. Mary, on the other hand, was brought up by two hunters and was taught how to hunt. During the first series, John and Mary both passed away and were then revived, giving Morgan and Smith the chance to develop the characters as adults. We’ll now learn about their rich adult pasts and get to know the other hunters who are part of their social circle.

The Winchesters: What about the cast?

The Winchesters made the announcement that Tom Welling would play Sam Campbell, Mary Campbell’s father and a working hunter, at New York Comic Con.

The major characters in the new series, John and Mary, will be played by Rodger and Donnelly, but they won’t be the only ones as the cast is beginning to fill in.

Although Jensen Ackles is highly involved in the upcoming show, it appears that he won’t really be appearing on screen and will instead only be repeating his role as Dean as a narrator.

The Winchesters: Who is in, cast?

  • John Winchester is Drake Rodger
  • Mary Campbell and Meg Donnelly
  • Latika Desai and Nida Khurshid
  • Carlos Cervantez and Jojo Fleits
  • Millie Winchester, played by Bianca Kajlich, is John’s mother.

The Winchesters: When will it release?

On Tuesday, October 11, The Winchesters made it’s television debut, just in time for Halloween. New episodes of the show run on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. as part of The CW’s autumn TV schedule.

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