Thieves of the Wood leaving Netflix in January 2023. Here’s why


The Dutch Language mini TV series ‘Thieves of the Wood’ is also one of the hidden gems of the Netflix originals. The series, after 3 years of streaming exclusively on Netflix, is now leaving its streaming service. Apparently, quite a few series and shows are leaving Netflix in January 2023. Sadly, Thieves of the Wood is one those.

To those who are watching the series or had just added it to your list, we are deeply disappointed to inform you that you must watch it very soon. Thieves of the Wood, also known as The Flemish Bandits, set in the tumultuous period of the Austrian rule of the Southern Netherlands; the series tells the story of Jan de Lichte and his band of thieves navigating the dangerous world of political intrigue and corruption. They take on the wealthy and powerful through their daring robberies and cunning schemes, striking a blow for justice and equality.

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Thieves of the Wood: Is it really leaving Netflix?

Unlike the popular belief, just because Netflix labels something as a Netflix Original doesn’t mean that Netflix owns a title in perpetuity. Hence, like any other licensed content on Netflix, Netflix Originals are subject to licensing agreements that specify the length of time the content can be available on the platform.

This is a growing trend where dozens of Netflix Originals depart the service over the past few years. There are instances where new arrangements are made but with smaller titles like this one, it’s unlikely.

Thieves of the Wood: When is the last day to watch the series?

As per the reports, we can conclude that the final day to watch Thieves of the Wood on Netflix on January 1, 2023. The show will not be available to stream n Netflix after that as it is ready to depart from Netflix on January 2, 2023.

Thieves of the Wood: Will it come to any other streaming service?

As of now, it is still unknown if the series will arrive on any other streaming service. But we will make sure to let you know once we know more.

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