Things to do in Coonoor

Do you ever feel like packing your bag in the middle of the night and fleeing for a solo trip? Yeah, you are not alone in making these kinds of plans, even if it never happens. But have you ever wondered where to go if you want to have a filmy solo trip or complete fun with friends?

Ahh! Tough question… Selecting a destination is not easy, though. But this time, we have made a plan for you. “A plan to Coonoor”. Have you ever heard of this place before? If not, let us do this for you.

Coonoor is a gem hidden among the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, and it is a naturally endowed south Indian hill station. This place is only at a distance of 20 kilometres from Ooty, and thousands of people love to visit the site throughout the year, although summers are simply the best time to visit. Coonoor is a lovely blend of tea plantations, new dams, and historic churches, especially famous for its Nilgiri tea industry.


A trek to Hidden Valley

If you love to witness lush green valleys, this place is a must-visit. This trekkers paradise is 20 km from Coonoor major city, and offers great vistas for tourists. You might have a picnic here with your friends and family, and if you prefer photographing stunning views, you should bring your cameras.


Ride on the Toy Train of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway

A toy train trip in the hills is always entertaining, no matter how old you are! The Nilgiri Mountain Railway toy train, which has three carriages and a seating capacity of 254 people, departs from Mettupalayam, a town near Coonoor, and travels all the way to Ooty. The train travels through beautiful green valleys, gloomy tunnels, and luscious coffee farms while enjoying the pleasant weather. Remember to take plenty of photos for your Instagram family to swoon over!


Sim’s Park

If you want to make your trip memorable, then you should not skip visiting Sim’s Park. It is one of Coonoor’s most incredible attractions and a well-kept botanical hub in Coonoor, with hundreds of thousands of trees and flowering plants to be found. Sim’s Park is home to some of the most charming and beautiful hills that you will not stop staring across. This place has a variety of unique exotic species and a brilliant, colourful garden to relax your eyes.


Visit Droog fort

Droog Fort is a spot in Coonoor that attracts visitors due to its ruins. This is one of the best places to visit in Coonoor for trekking. What is as such there? Yes, you may ask. So, a single wall and a watchtower are standing proudly and straight here, enough to engage visitors worldwide.

When we visit a place like this, one of our main concerns is where we will store our belongings. What if they’re taken away? Don’t be concerned! Because locker and storage facilities are provided, you won’t have to worry about lugging your items to the top.



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