Things to do in Mukteshwar

If you want to explore scenic valleys and find a place rich in natural beauty, you should visit and stay at the Mukteshwar. Mukteshwar has an altitude of 2,171 meters above sea level, and it offers an attractive view of the surrounding hills, valleys, rivers, forests, and small settlements by sitting high on Kumauni hills. Here you can check things to do in Mukteshwar.

This is one of those places that can make anyone forget that they live in a chaotic world. Explore the scenic beauty here with family or friends and enjoy some adventures like paragliding, trekking, camping, rock climbing, rappelling and much more.



Mukteshwar is one of the few places where you can find paragliders and participate in it. It is also a cherished experience for the people who love to explore different kinds of adventure sports. You can also take a training session before exploring the sky with your wings. The tandem or solo flight depends upon your choice, but the views you get while flying in the air are unforgettable to cherish.


Mukteshwar Temple

It has a famous temple which is located1.5 km away from the main market. You can learn the history behind the Temple and its construction.

The Temple was constructed by the Pandavas in during their exile years. It is stated that they lived in the Mukteshwar cave during their agyatvas which was their final year of exile.

The main structure of shiva linga is made of marble and copper yoni, surrounded by other Hindu deities- lord Brahma, Vishnu hanuman, Parvati and Ganesh.



If you are one of those who like to explore and visit offbeat places, sitla is the place for you in Mukteshwar. You can actively engage in trekking, hiking and camping that offers the best view of the Trishul, Nanda devi and pancchuli ranges. You can also explore and stay in colonial-style bungalows and hotels, also known as sitla estate, built by the Britishers a century ago. Overall, a day trip to sitla in Mukteshwar, surrounded by lush greenery and a colonial-style palace, is worth spending.


Nanda Devi peak

India’s second-highest peak, Nanda devi, is best experienced from the Mukteshwar mountain tops. Witness the sunrise from the peak and admire how red-yellow-blue hues make the sight beautiful to experience. The place offers a 180-degree view of the Himalayan ranges. Hence it would be a lifetime experience to see the peak fully covered in snow during the winters.


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