Thomas Muller has an interesting goodbye message for David Alaba

Thomas Muller, the German and Bayern Munich star player gave an interesting goodbye message to his fellow Bayern Munich teammate, David Alaba, who will be leaving the Bavarian club at the end of this season.

Muller said that ” Thank you very much and good luck with your new club, I don’t know 100% where you are going but there are rumors. But no matter which club you are joining, you will regret it because if we play each other, I will kick your ass. ”

David Alaba and Thomas Muller have been friends for a long time and their partnership has helped Bayern in clinching many trophies. David Alaba has served the Bavarian club for almost 13 years and has won 27 titles in this time. It’s hard to believe that he’s just 28 years old and has every possible trophy that he could win with Bayern Munich. He became the most decorated player in the history of Bayern Munich which he earned while rising from the youth level of Bayern Munich and then became a legend in this club. David Alaba will be joining real Madrid after the end of this season and will be starting a new chapter in his career.


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