Top 10 fitness apps to stay fit in during COVID-19 | 2021

As we know work from home is the new common & gyms & parks are closed, people are getting physically & mentally more unfit. We bring you Top 10 fitness apps which can be downloaded on your mobile phone & guide you in your workouts. We also present you a bonus app at the end of the article.

1. Fit Pro Sport

Fit Pro sport is a complete virtual gym available on you phone. It has more than 500 simple & effective exercises for men & Woman. The app even records your workout data & presents you a complete professional statistical report. The app is free to use but a premium version of the app is also available with a minimal  ₹45 payment.


2. Nike Training Club

Nike , one of the leading sports brand in the world has also introduced its workout app which is absolutely free. Nike Training app is specially made to personalize your workout. The app has workouts of Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced level. The app is easy to use & is available on Android & iOS.


3. Google Fit

Google Fit , a completely free to use app with in-built health monitor. The app does not provides any workouts instead it tracks your calories burn , Heart rate & many more. Google Fit also provides a personalized health Journal to track your physical fitness. The app is available on Android & iOS.


4. Adidas Training

Adidas Training is a completely free to use app with various workouts & tracking services. It is available for download on Android & iOS.


5. Cute.Fit is a leading workout from home app. It offers you various exercises, yoga, meditation & workout with celebs. A subscription fee is required for using the app. It is avaible on Android & iOS.


6. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness pal an app introduce by Underarmour. It tracks your body workout & provide an insight to your health. Fitness pal also provides more then 10 million diet charts for a perfect health care.


7. Glo

Glo is online meditation, yoga & fitness application. The app provides live interactions with health experts around the world. The app is available for free trial but a subscription is required for using the app daily.


8. Headspace

Suffered from mental illness? Fatigue? Headspace is the the perfect solution for improving your mental health. The app is made by the duo Andy & Rich Pierson. Andy is a Buddhist monk & a master of meditation . The provides you with subtle meditation tips which improves your overall well being. Millions of people have benefited & upgraded their mental health with Headspace.


9. Fiton

A completely free online platform for meditation, workouts, yoga & Zumba. Fiton provides you multiple workout videos & analysis,  which enhances your workout experience & helps you to track your fitness.

10. Sworkit

Sworkit  is an online platform which provides you multiple workout videos which can lift up your fitness. The app is available on Android & iOS.

We present you a bonus app which can help you stay motivated with your workouts.

Step Set Go a complete free to use app available on Android & iOS which rewards you with money for step walked. You can stay fit as well as  earn various rewards with Step Set Go.

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