Top 5 Amazon MiniTV series you should watch

Having to pay for several app subscriptions in order to view your favourite episodes or newly released shows is definitely a nuisance. However, what if we told you that you can now watch every show for free without even needing to download an additional app? Startled? Friends, Amazon miniTV, a free video streaming service with ads inside the Amazon Shopping app, is the company’s new streaming portal, after Prime.

Here are Top 5 Miniseries that you should see:

1. Gupt Gyaan

The narrative of 16-year-old Ritu and Anuj getting into trouble is told in the short film Gupt Gyaan. In which they both believe Ritu is pregnant because to her deception. This is a brief film showing how they resolved this issue. Friends, this short film is dedicated to the children of the 1990s who believe that sharing a kiss also results in pregnancy.

2. Crushed

If you’re searching for something light and enjoyable to watch, Crushed is a comedy-drama series that’s perfect. The show’s premise walks you through the story of two friends having a romantic relationship in high school while they deal with uncertainty, bewilderment, and a host of other typical teenage feelings. We’re definitely keeping an eye on this. 

3. Couple Goals

Couple Goals is a charming tale of college romance and love, starring Mughda Aggarwal and stand-up comedy virtuoso Akash Gupta, that will undoubtedly bring back fond memories of your college years. The focus of the show is around college friends Ayush (Akash) and Jenny (Mughda). Despite their very different cultural upbringings, things take an interesting turn as these two start to get along. You should definitely add this endearing love story to your watchlist because it is full of drama, humour, love, and adventures.

4. Tasalli Se

Tasalli Se, directed by Karn Tuteja, is a delightful feel-good film that will undoubtedly make you smile broadly. The movie’s premise centres on the tale of two friends who fell out after a heated argument on social media and later made up after a long 12-year separation. This is a lighthearted watch that’s perfect for enjoying some quality time with family while watching something cute!

5. Murder in Agonda

Murder in Agonda is a thriller-drama film that is sure to please any movie enthusiast. This one’s plot revolves around Mala Coutinho, a well-known family member from Goa who is found dead in her home. As the police look into her family, household employees, and other connected parties, dark secrets begin to surface, making each person a suspect with a motive. This one will definitely not let you down if you enjoy breathtaking twists and turns.

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