Top 5 Best Adsense alternative for YouTube [2021]

YouTubers get ready to count your revenue, As we bring you best alternatives of AdSense only for you.


First of all , let us check out what is AdSense – Adsense is a way to  display Advertisements on your Online content. This helps you to monetize your content. There are various applications available, but the most popular is Google Adsense, but there is a fault , Google Adsense is not for newbies , you need to fulfill some criteria’s. But don’t worry there are many other apps which work same as AdSense & are much easier to avail. Here are the Top Five Best Alternatives of AdSense.

1. Adrev


Adrev a simple way to monitize your work. Adrev is affiliated with YouTube.


  • Your channel should have minimum 500 views per day.
  • No Contract to be formed. You can leave anytime.
  • Suitable for all Types of Channel.
  • Recognized by YouTube.
  •  70-30% Revenue Sharing Ratio.
  • Minimum Payout $10.

2. Freedom LLC

Credit: Variety

Freedom is another alternative of AdSense. It is much more flexible & convinient to use.


  • There should be minimum 33 views daily in your channel.
  • No need to form a Contract.
  • Upto 95% Revenue is shared.
  • Minimum Payout $1.

3. Maker Studios LLC


Maker Studios is  one of the best alternative of AdSense & best way to monetize the content for Beginners.


  • No minimum views is required.
  • No Contract to be formed.
  • 60-40% Revenue Sharing Ratio.

4. Full Screen LLC

Credit: Logo Vector

Full Screen is a company which offers services & tools to Social media content creators & Brands.


  • You need to sign a contract for 2 years.
  • 80-20% Revenue Sharing Ratio.
  • Suitable for all Types of Channels.
  • Minimum Payout $50.

5. Big Frame LLC

Credit: Tubefilter

Big Frame is a marketing & promotion company which offers its services to mainly YouTubers.


  • No minimum Views required.
  • 3 Months Lock in Contract period.
  • 60-40% Revenue Sharing Ratio.

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