Top 5 Best Self-Defense Weapons

Guns differ in terms of calibre, accuracy, quality, ease of use, and dependability. While there are more powerful and accurate guns (rifles and shotguns), the design can be a disadvantage, so handguns are preferred.
While there are misconceptions that they are weaker, ballistic technology refutes this, with the 9mm being a favourite among police departments, including the FBI. While you can choose between a 9mm and a.45ACP, given the difficulty of hitting your target in high-pressure situations, it’s critical to purchase a higher capacity handgun.

Electric Stun Guns
The development of stun guns can be viewed as both a good and a bad thing, given that their effects, if not used properly, can have serious consequences. They have the ability to produce enough shock to set materials on fire.
When combined with pepper spray or other non-lethal weapons, they can become extremely flammable. To prevent wrongful use of these devices, different states have put legal restrictions in place, so make sure it’s legal to own and use a stun gun in your area.

Tasers are the most effective non-lethal self-defense weapon, despite being more expensive than stun guns. Its side effects, which include minor burns, loss of motor function, puncture wounds, nausea, uncontrollable spasms, and extreme pain, have led to their prohibition in some jurisdictions.
Because these effects can be fatal, especially for people who have heart disease or have hit their head on a hard surface. To learn how to properly wield and use a taser, proper training is required.

Cayenne Pepper Spray
This is the most commonly used non-lethal weapon because it is not only effective but also compact and inexpensive. You will be able to subdue the assailant while targeting his/her eyesight, giving you the opportunity to flee to safety.
Though there is a tendency to associate this weapon with women, results show that it cannot be stereotyped to any gender because law enforcement officers use it as well. It contains Oleoresin of Capsicum (OC), a potent agent that causes skin inflation.

Flashlights for Tactical Use
Though not intended to deliver blows, these flashlights can be used to incapacitate the assailant for a few precious minutes, allowing you to flee. If you frequently walk in the dark, this device is ideal.
They can blind or alert an assailant by producing bright light up to 6000 lumens and flashing over 800m with multifunction sidelights. Other designs include an alarm or double as a baton, and advanced designs include both a flashlight and a stun gun.

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