Top 5 Career Options: If you want to make your career different, then definitely know these top 5 career options

Top 5 Career Options After 12th.


If you want to walk step by step in the world and want to do something different in life, then we are going to tell you about the new age courses in which not only the best salary is available, but also These courses can also be done in less time. Actually everything is changing with time and now the methods of education are also changing. Now it is not necessary to waste your time and money by studying in the same traditional way.

Nutritionist and Dietetics
Due to corona and changing lifestyle, now a lot of changes have been seen in the way people eat and drink. In fact, now people fall ill much sooner than before, one of the main reasons for which is their food and drink. Today everyone wants to be fit and for this people are ready to spend good money. According to today’s time, it can become a better career option. If you want to make career as a Nutritionist then you can easily get job in Hospitals, School, Health Center, Sport Club, NGO, Gym.

Foreign Language
If you like to travel and have good communication skills, then by learning a foreign language, you can make a great career. Actually all the countries are going through the phase of globalization at this time, due to which people of one country are moving to another country and doing business or business. This has created immense employment opportunities in this field. If you want to make a career in the field of foreign language, then you can make a career by learning foreign languages ​​like French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and English. Many multinational companies hire language experts. Apart from this, you can also earn good money by becoming a tourist guide or becoming a language teacher.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence has been making steady progress for the last several years, since Corona, the use of artificial intelligence in India has increased significantly. This technology is present in the form of chess-like games available in phones or computers, robot-like devices including Google and Alexa voice assistants. Artificial Intelligence is one of the best technologies in the world. With the help of this technology, such a system can be created, which will be equal to human intelligence. Through this technique, learning, recognition, problem-solving, language, logical reasoning, etc., algorithms can be easily understood. Apart from this, this technology is capable of thinking, understanding and acting on its own. Although work is still going on this technology, but it has emerged as a great field as a career option. Here you can earn good money by making your career.

Risk Manager
To handle any situation in a risk manager, it is necessary to have management and communication skills along with analysis skills. Because their work has taken the company out of any kind of risk. The constant pressure to reduce costs has led many institutions to outsource various processes that risk managers need to evaluate and monitor. In addition, they have to consider how technological advancements such as AI and machine learning can enable them to manage risk at a lower cost. Risk managers are in high demand in today’s times, especially after Corona and now everyone has realized the need for a better risk manager. So if you feel that you have all those necessary abilities, then this is the right time to enter this field.

Public Relations
In this era of competition, every company wants to improve its image. For this, companies hire public relations experts. Looking at the changing scenario of the society, the image of a product or a person matters a lot, for this Public Relations Professionals work. Today any company, celebrity, businessman, politician, people associated with the society, Millionaires etc. hire public relation professional to promote themselves in a better way in front of the public. There are better career opportunities available in this field than ever before. If you like to connect with people and convey your words to them, then the field of public relations is for you. After some experience in this field, you can work in Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Corporate Affairs or External Affairs Department in many big companies.

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