Top 5 shows to watch if you liked ‘How I Met Your Mother’


Despite what the title may have you believe, the show was never about the mother. The five friends’ ability to make you laugh, weep, and think about your own life led to millions of people becoming followers. Funny, enigmatic characters are what all successful comedies have in common.

Barney doesn’t even like the notion of genuine love, whereas Ted is constantly looking for it. Marshall and Lily are the pair in the group that offer us an alternative outlook on life. And then there’s Robin, a strangely endearing Canadian who defies gender stereotypes. This collection of unique people will undoubtedly make for a tumultuous joy.



Many individuals fell in love with the comedy genre because to Seinfeld. Seinfeld introduces us to stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his eccentric buddies who reside in New York City. When they interact with different individuals throughout their lives, Jerry and his buddies demonstrate how to live simply.

Unlike other comedies or TV series, Seinfeld does not have a central plot, but it is nonetheless successful. Even if the programme is about “nothing,” you’re interested in how the characters handle this emptiness. You start to feel as though you know these characters intimately after a while.


Two And A Half Men

Alan and Charlie, two brothers, are the stars of this sitcom. Once Alan gets divorced, he moves in with Charlie, his elder brother, and the two get involved in one other’s lives. Due to a failed marriage, these two—who had grown distant—are finally reunited. Alan, the divorcee, is a straightforward individual with a 9–5 job who follows all the rules. Consequently, it presents quite a struggle for him to shield his son Jake from the antics of his inebriated playboy brother.

The show not only has a fantastic idea but it is also supported by a large cast of interesting and entertaining individuals. Due to their conflicting moral philosophies, the brothers will have difficulty raising the child. Alan makes every effort, but to no effect, to keep his child away from his brother. It’s uncharacteristic of Charlie for him to appear to be fond of the little child.

Although it may not have the opulence of programmes like How I Met Your Mother or Friends, Two and a Half Men nevertheless carries a powerful impact.


The Big Bang Theory

What transpires when two solitary scientists’ new neighbour is a gorgeous girl? Already seems intriguing, don’t you think? The Big Bang Theory will delight you with its clever humour and take you inside the heads of these geniuses who can reveal the mysteries of the cosmos but who are just as confused when it comes to connecting with humans as the rest of us.

The characters in the programme are geeks who prefer staying in and reading comic books and playing video games all night over going out and doing things that “regular people” do. The show masterfully combines science with typical everyday occurrences.


Master of None

You may see a show that Aziz Ansari wrote, produced, and performed in thanks to his unmatched brilliance. You fall in love with the show right away because to its clever comedy about the protagonist’s daily activities and interactions with friends. This series, in contrast to other shows, has a dash of realism sprinkled in, which helps you relate to a lot of what is being portrayed and better understand the characters.

It appears that the programme incorporates some parts of Ansari’s life that are true to life, giving his character and the show as a whole additional depth. With the programme, Ansari dispels popular misconceptions about Indian culture and offers us a peek inside himself. Presently, the programme only has two seasons, gaining critical acclaim all around the world for the same.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This programme may be the most unusual on the list since it experiments with a totally distinct brand of dark humour. Nothing really truly changes in this programme, unlike other ones where the characters get better with time. Even if the characters don’t have any redeemable traits, you’ll still love them.

This programme might not be suitable for those who are easily offended. On the other hand, if you wish to broaden your perspective, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will unquestionably cause you to reevaluate your personal worldview and appreciate the value of diversity.

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