Top 5 tips for budget-friendly travel


Everyone loves traveling and visiting new places now and then. But such trips cost two things, time and money. So, if you have your holidays in hand and now you are just finding how to travel on a budget, let us help you.

Here are the five best ways to save your money while traveling.

Plan ahead

Nothing is more than a spontaneous trip, and the adventure usher in life. However, this trip can cause you a lot of salary cuts and also, with lack of planning, you might end up spending extra.

Planning will help you understand the location you are going to, the best routes, the cheapest hotels, affordable eateries, etc.

This doesn’t mean that you plan everything and leave no scope for adventure. It just means that you plan everything beforehand and get an idea so that when you are there, you know what to do when.

Off-season traveling

When everyone wants the same thing, it is natural that the prices will be higher. So, to travel at a low cost, always choose a time when there are no holidays or occasions like long weekends or summer vacations.

Around such times, the prices of flights, hotels, activities increase and can give a big hole in your pocket. Check the best time to visit your destination – before or after such holidays. Named shoulder season, this duration is the best way to travel at a nominal price and enjoy more with less crowd.


Be accommodation-savvy

In a time like today where there are so many hostels and AirBnB, why do you want to spend thousands of rupees for a hotel stay? Hotels aren’t your purpose of the trip – food, outdoor activities, and exploring are. So, spend wisely. Save that hotel money and have more fun on your journey.

You can try communal rooms, ashrams, hostels, etc. Who knows, it could add more adventure to your trip? Just be safe.

Pack properly

Shopping on your trip is a good idea, but that should not be everyday shopping. Save your money and try to pack the essential things beforehand.


A significant chunk of your budget is going to go on your flights. To save money on that, you can plan your trip and book the tickets well in advance too.

Also, you can check various times of the day or specific days on which the tickets are cheaper.

Keeping these little details in mind, you will save more money on trips and plan another one soon.