Top Hill Stations of India to visit this summer

The first place that comes to mind while planning a vacation is a hill station. Hill stations offer an incomparably gorgeous ambience that draws people in. You might go to escape the sweltering heat or to have a lovely experience.

The hill stations of India, especially those in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, are a sensory delight because of their scenic beauty and pleasant temperatures. The mesmerizing hill stations are considered the best destinations in North India. These hill stations are popular with visitors who want to escape the country’s hot heat during the summer and want to have fun, adventures and visit offbeat places. Here are a few top hill stations in India that will surely wow you!



Manali is an eye treat. In the tremendous Himalayas, it boasts a plethora of amazingly gorgeous valleys. It is covered with oak and pine woods. Nature, food, beauty, adventure activities, and ancient heritages have it all to offer you. You must experience the flowing waterfalls, such as Jogni and Rahala, that flow from randomly arranged rocks. Manali has excellent views of expansive meadows, terraced farmland, and fruit orchards, all of which create a breathtakingly attractive town.



If you enjoy nature, Mussoorie is the perfect destination for you. This natural terrain, about 1900 meters above sea level, has evolved into a perfect tourist paradise.

Places to Visit: Mussoorie Lake, Kempty Fall, Dhanaulti, Soham Heritage & Art Centre, Adventure Park, Christ Church, Bhatta Falls, Mossy Falls, Gun Hill, Lal Tibba, Jabarkhet Nature Reserve

Things to Do in Mussoorie: Boating, trekking, experiencing the waterfalls, rock climbing, wildlife viewing, admiring the beauty of nature



Undoubtedly, Shimla is one of the most famous hill stations and stands out due to its special charm. Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and is recognized for its adventure activities and beauty. Shimla’s sheer presence is refreshing, and the gorgeous aspect of this lovely hill station makes it an ideal location for you. Visit Shimla to experience nature in its purest form.

Places to visit: Shimla Heritage Museum, Christ Church, Jakhu Hill, Rashtrapati Niwas, Kali Bari Temple, Town Hall, Gaiety Theatre, Bantony Castle, Army Heritage Museum, Johnnie’s Wax Museum, Himachal State Museum, Summer Hill



Nainital is a treasure trove of Kumaon in Uttarakhand. Engulfed in a dense blanket of nature and the aroma of flowering blossoms and pure air, it’s a perfect place to visit. Nainital has always been one of the most visited hill stations in North India. It is praised for being a parent to the gorgeous Naini Lake, from which it has very well earned the moniker of “lake city.” It is perched at an elevation of 2,084 meters above sea level. The town of Nainital is an attractive site for visitors that glitters like a jewel in the Himalayan Mountains, surrounded by lakes and an abundance of nature.

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