Top things to do in Kanatal


Kanatal is a beautiful hill station and a small village in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. If you have a plan for a vacation in the upcoming days, you must have Kanatal on your bucket list. It is 78 kilometres from Dehradun (the state capital of Uttarakhand), 38 kilometers from Mussoorie, 12 kilometers from Chamba, and approximately 300 kilometers from Delhi.

The beauty of this place is absolutely mesmerizing. You would love to explore forest trails and admire the goats grazing in the mountains with surrounding lush greenery.

Kanatal is close to Mussoorie and provides an opportunity to stay close to nature and off the grid. This charming hill station is laden with apple orchards. Kanatal also has several homestays that serve organic, delicious food and give visitors a taste of the rural lifestyle.


Valley crossing

Valley Crossing is one of Kanatal‘s notable attractions, and if adventure is your thing, then a visit to this spot is a must. You’ll have to pull yourself across the valley while strapped on a rope attached to a suspended rope with a pulley, from mountain to mountain (around 360 feet) in the Himalayas. If you want the ultimate test of your strength and the most thrilling experience, You must be physically fit to participate in this adventure, as it requires a lot of strength and energy.


Surkanda Devi Temple

The Surkanda Temple is located about 8 kilometers from Dhanaulti, and a 2-kilometer journey from the town of Kaddu Khal is a delight for trekkers.

While the hike is difficult, the view, environment, and tranquility are well worth it. Surkhanda Devi temple is one of India’s most prominent ‘Shaktipeeth,’ based on the story of Sati plunging into the sacrificial fire to protest her father Daksha’s refusal to invite Lord Shiva to a ceremony.


Rock Climbing

Kanatal has a range of adventurous activities to offer you. This place has perfect arrangements for rock climbing and rappelling. A large number of tourists and adventure enthusiasts come to experience these activities. Trying out adventure sports is a lot of fun and will undoubtedly be a life-changing event for you. If you are a professional, you can do rappelling and rock climbing. If you are a beginner, though, the campgrounds on-site will organize these activities as part of the camping package that you can purchase.


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