Top things to pack for your trip to hills


Planning to a trip to hilly area is as hectic as it exciting. There’s always a lot to pack and most of the times we tend to forget some of the necessary things

If you are also the one who tends to forget things while packing, don’t worry, we’ve git your back!

So to help you out with your packing, we have listed out some of the most important things which should be there in your bag when you are going on trip to hill station.

1. Leather Jacket

Since you are going in a cold environment, it is necessary to keep something which will keep you warm and comfortable. Leather Jacket is the best option in this case as it not only keeps you warm, but also looks stylish. So you’ll not only keep the cold at bay, but your style statement would also be on fleek.

2. Mufflers

Mufflers have become a style statement for cold environment. A warm, soft muffler wrapped around your neck will not only keep you warm but would also give you a ravishing look.

3. Woollen Socks

One of our body parts which remain cold for most of the time are our feet. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them protected against the cold environment. Wear a pair of woollen socks so that they can keep you warm against the cold surroundings.


4. Gloves

It’s a pity when you want to play with snowballs but are not able to because you don’t have gloves! So if you want to make the most out of your trip to the hill station, then make sure you carry a pair of gloves with you.

5. Ear muffs

Ear muffs are trending for a reason! They not only look cute but keep your ears warm amd prevents the cold from getting inside your body through your ears.

6. Comfortable walking footwear

Make sure that keep comfortable footwear because you’re going on a trip and you would have to walk a lot. So carry those footwears, which you are comfortable walking in.

7. Lip balm, lotions and sunscreens

These are one of the most essential things to carry. Carry a lip balm and use as and when required to avoid dry, chapped lips. Since you are going in a cold environment carrier moisturizer with yourself to keep your skin moisturized. To protect yourself against the harmful UV rays of the Sun, apply sunscreen generously on the exposed areas of your body.