Top unknown and interesting factors about Dilip Kumar

Here is some of the top unknown and interesting things about Dilip Kumar.

Dilip Kumar is also referred to as the “King of Tragedy.” About everybody in the industry is a massive fan of the legendary star, who has had an exceptional career spanning six decades. Dilip Kumar appears to have influenced many generations of actors, including Shah Rukh Khan. Satyajit Ray has referred to Dilip Kumar as the “ultimate method actor.”The versatile star has a long list of credits to his name and has wowed audiences of all ages with his outstanding acting abilities.

 1. Real name

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Mohammad Yusuf Khan is the actor’s real name. Devika Rani, a Bollywood star, demanded that he should change his name to Dilip Kumar so that he could pursue a career in the film industry.

 2.First male actor to win  Filmfare Award

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The first male actor to receive the Filmfare Best Actor Award was Dilip Kumar. All through his career, he has won several accolades, including eight Filmfare Best Actor awards and 19 Filmfare nominations.

 3.Used to sell fruit

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Dilip Kumar used to sell fruit before he got into the Bollywood film industry. He managed to meet Devika Rani of Bombay Talkies at that time, and she supported him become a big star.

4. Perfectionist in acting

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He learned the sitaar for ‘Madhuban Mein Raadhika Naache Re,’ a song scene from his successful film ‘Kohinoor,’ since he’s such a neat freak when it came to acting.

 5. Music enthusiast

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He enjoys music as well. He’s not only a natural actor, but he’s also a master at the game of antakshari.

 6. Fun loving personality

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Dilip is a very fun loving personality in real life, in contrast to his onscreen profile, which has always depicted him as a serious actor. He has been known for making people laugh for hours. Dilip Kumar began to suffer from depression in real life at some point of playing dramatic roles over and over again in the movies. He saw a doctor, who suggested that he perform in some comedies.

 5.Dilip Kumar’s first love was Kamini Kaushal

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Dilip had lost his heart for the first time in his life to famed actress Kamini Kaushal before marrying Saira Bano. Their relationship began on the set of ‘Shaheed’ (1948), and they were hoping to marry shortly after, but Kamini’s brother, who was in the army, intervened.

He is, without a doubt, one of India’s biggest actors. He has captured millions of hearts over the course of his five-decade career and will forever be known as ‘Dilip Sahab.’

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