Top wine brands in India with their price

Here are some of the top Indian wine brands with their price

Wine is a strange drink. Grapes are used to make the majority of wine. Wine has been learned by country for a long time, and it has performed well in the past. Wine is a classic that never goes out of style. The drink is here to line the experiences, not to mention any solitary pours, from relaxed dinners to soirees to date nights. So, here’s a rundown of all the Indian wines you can have in your cellar.

1. Luz Maria Cabernet Sauvignon

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The Chilean is a perfect place to start if you’re new to red wine. It has fruits like plum and raspberry, along with tannins, and is a blend of soft and dark velvety flavours. It goes well for red and white meats because of the robust flavour notes. It costs Rs 700.

2. Sula Seco Rosé

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This one goes well for Indian cuisine. Get out the butter chicken and couple it with a glass of champagne, though preconceived ideas about pairings are a thing of the past. With white flowers and fruits, watermelon, and nectarine aromas, this rosé is fruity and soft. The light wine is also suitable as an aperitif. It will cost you at least Rs 700.

3. Charosa Selection Sauvignon Blanc

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This Nashik wine is a dry white with tropical notes from India. The flavours of gooseberry, orange, and grassy notes play on your palate, creating a light and refreshing glass. To get the most out of it, serve it with vegetables, appetisers, and fish. The cost is Rs 800.

4. Danzante Chianti

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The base of this red wine is floral and sweet notes. The scent is inviting, with traces of roasted coffee beans and dark fruits such as plum and cherry. This Italian wine can be slurped during the evening and is great with meats as well as on its own. It costs Rs. 1,850.

5. Reveilo Nero D’Avola

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White meats, salads, pasta portions, and appetisers pair well with this light, breezy white wine. Its foundation is made up of lemon and honey flavours, so it can be enjoyed on its own without any additional ingredients. It costs  1400 Rupees.

6. Cloudy Bay Chardonnay

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This white wine from New Zealand has mature orchard fruit flavour notes. Toasted hazelnut and delicate spices complement the prevalent peach flavour. It goes well for Asian dishes as well as European meats. The cost is Rs 3,900.

7. Zampa Insignia

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This dry red wine has complex flavours of black and red berries at its heart. A bouquet of coffee, black pepper, cocoa, fruits and berries, and tannins awaits your palate. The earthy nature of the oak barrels is carried on to the finished product, which is a smooth, powerful wine. It is priced at Rs 5,000.


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