Toyota targets to make its factories carbon-neutral by 2035

On Friday, a senior executive of Toyota Motor Corporation announced the company’s aims to make its production carbon-neutral by the year 2035. Earlier, the target year was 2015.

The Chief Production Officer of Toyota, Masamichi Okada told in an online presentation that the Japanese automaker firm will initially focus on introducing new technologies for processes like painting, coating and casting.

“In this way, the processes that have high generation of CO2 will be focused on to reduce as much as possible, or even eliminate CO2 emissions,” Okada added.

He continued, “By identifying these areas, we will focus our resources and we believe that will contribute to shorten the time until we can achieve carbon neutrality.”

In October, Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga set the year 2050 as the deadline for the world’s third largest economy to become carbon-neutral. He is presently in England for the G7 summit to discuss about tackling climate change, pandemic recovery and other major issues.

To rely on renewable energy, Toyota will be considering to have both onsite and offsite power sources.

According to Toyota, electric vehicles (EVs) are going to play a greater role in reducing emissions. Other solutions such as its successful hybrid or slow-selling hydrogen vehicles should be used as well. It is a pioneer of hybrid vehicles using hydrogen fuel, including autos.

The automaker aims to have various options to achieve carbon neutrality. It wants to work with multiple types of models for EVs and assemble them at the same time.

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