Transformers Rise of the Beasts: Ending Explained


Beginning with Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, the long summer of blockbuster entertainment begins. The latest entry, the eighth in a lengthy string of Michael Bay-written films, brings back our favourite Autobots.

Transformers fans will be among the first to see one of this summer’s first brand-new films, which will include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and some fresh human faces.

However, you might need help comprehending what happened because the most recent robot film, “Maximals,” features a number of new characters, a desire to get home, and the like. Here is an explanation of how Transformers: Rise of the Beasts ends. (Spoilers in store!)


Transformers: Rise of the Beasts ending explained

In the movie’s conclusion, Noah, Elena, and the Autobots have found the remaining half of the Transwarp Key while they are in Peru, which has led to a fight between them and the Terrorcons.

(To reduce the likelihood that the Terrorcons would locate the Key, the Maximals had divided it in two and dispersed it throughout the world. They did obtain it, though, so it didn’t work out so well.)

A significant fight between the Autobots and Terrorcons occurs in the Peruvian jungle. While Noah and Elena attempt to smuggle their way underneath the volcano where the Transwarp is beaming up from in order to punch in the secret access code that they have managed to figure out, they divert the evil bots.

They should be able to achieve this, shut off the Transwarp Drive, and prevent the evil Unicron from annihilating the cosmos.

Things appear to be going their way, especially when Bumblebee, who appeared to have died earlier in the film, gets revived and joins the fight to provide a hand. In the meantime, Mirage makes an effort to divert Scourge but is ultimately defeated. Mirage sacrifices his last life to save Noah, dying on top of him but leaving the human with an exo-suit.

The two then square off, but Scourge proves to be no match for Noah’s artificial foe. Fortunately, Optimus Prime steps in to help and puts up a respectable battle. However, Unicron is closing in, and even though Elena enters the access code, the battle destroys the control panel.

Scourge is defeated by being pushed into the volcano by Optimus Prime, who gains the upper hand. Optimus Prime resolves to stay behind and destroy the Transwarp Key even though doing so would probably lead to his demise after realising what he must do.

Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal are both saved by Noah before they are both killed, and the three of them escape just in time. Both the Terrorcons and the Transwarp Key are destroyed.

After some time has passed, Noah is back in New York. Since finding the previously unknown tunnels in Peru, Elena has gained notoriety. In an unsettling revelation, the man Noah meets during his job interview admits that he was aware of where Noah had been.

Here it is revealed that the enigmatic man works for a covert government agency and is looking to hire Noah because of his involvement with the Autobots. Noah receives a business card from him, which he flips over to see the G.I. Joe logo.

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