Tripura marked as India’s first 100% vaccinated state in 45+ age group

Tripura has always been on the list of the highest percentage vaccinated state in the country ever since India started the vaccination process for its elderly population commencing from 1st March 2021 along with those above 45 years of age and from 1st April. It was expressed that Tripura desired to become India’s first state to achieve the 100% vaccination mark for the first dose by Biplab Kumar Deb, Tripura Chief Minister.

With a vision to achieve a target of vaccinating at least half the eligible population by the end of June, a special vaccination drive was being carried out in the state for the age group of 18 to 44 years, on 21st and 22nd June.

Around 1,54,209 covered vaccination doses on 21st June along with 1,85,559 doses on 22nd June 2021 was reported by Tripura as India reported the world’s highest single-day vaccination on 21st June. Out of Tripura’s projected eligible population of 18 plus age, a total of 3,39,768 vaccines doses accounted for more than 12% of the mentioned population. Tripura has now claimed its position as India’s 1st state with more than 100% vaccination in the 45 plus age group with more than 14 lakh doses administered to date.

Tripura has covered 102% of the eligible projected population in the vaccination drive, according to data derived with the help of the COWIN tracker. According to Aashish who had shared the above-mentioned data in some of his tweets, mentioned that due to the lack of the latest figures of the census, The coverage of the population in vaccination is projected over 100%.

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