‘Twister’ reboot in talks to include Daisy Edgar-Jones in cast


The Twister reboot has started naming the actors who will portray the following group of storm chasers in what has been referred to as “a fresh chapter,” three years after it was first revealed that it was in the works. Daisy Edgar-Jones, a breakout star from Normal People who was recently hired in an On Fast Horses adaptation, has reportedly become the first actor to join the cast of the sequel, which has been given the working title Twisters.

Edgar-Jones is the only actor whose involvement in the movie has been formally confirmed, despite prior rumors that the sequel’s original lead Helen Hunt could return to reprise her part. Hunt’s involvement in the sequel is still uncertain, but there may still be potential for familiar figures to make an appearance, possibly to mentor the new group of storm chasers as they attempt to strike out on their own adventure in this new chapter. The movie’s plot is still a mystery, but Edgar-Jones has been cast as a former storm chaser who now holds down a desk job after having a near-fatal encounter with a destructive tornado. Yet, when a situation calls for it, she is compelled to leave her retirement and face her biggest anxieties.

Furthermore, According to Edgar-Jones’ most recent outstanding performance in Where The Crawdads Sing, it was only a matter of time before the major studios came knocking for her talent. Twisters will be Edgar-Jones’ first tentpole project. Even though the British actress has only been active for a short while, critics in the industry have already praised her work. After she made her debut on BBC’s Normal People, where she received numerous prestigious nominations, her career has been steadily ascending. She participated in the Hulu original miniseries Under the Banner of Heaven and appeared in War of the Worlds and Gentleman Jack. She is currently in the filming stages of the huge novel adaption On Fast Horses, which will be her second.

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