Unknown and interesting facts about Toni Kroos


Toni Kroos, the underrated German player is one of the best players in the World who has been covering the Real Madrid midfield for a long time. His excellent vision, extraordinary passing range, and good spatial awareness have made him one of the most important players in the German and Real Madrid squad. His fans keep a sharp eye on his updates but still, there are a few facts that are still known by very few people out there,

Unknown and interesting facts about Toni Kroos

  • He was the youngest player to represent Bayern Munich professionally, he was just 17 years, 8 months, and 22 days.
  • He’s nicknamed ‘Garcon’ or ‘The Waiter’ for his impressive passing abilities that make it effortless to score for the strikers.
  • His idol was Frenchman Johan Micoud who played for the German side, Werder Bremen, Kroos has some resemblances to the Frenchman’s game style.
  • His younger brother, Felix Kroos is also a professional footballer, he plays for Union Berlin in Germany.
  • He’s the first East German to have won the World Cup, since the merger of both the West and East Side in 1990, he’s the first person to win it from East in 2014.
  • His father was his first coach, his father coached Greifswalder SC, Felix and Toni trained under him till they joined their respective academies.
  • His father was a wrestler and a football coach and his mother was a professional badminton player, athletic blood ran in his veins.
  • He is a big Robbie Williams fan, Kroos follows the British pop stars and loves all his albums. He even met him personally and presented him gifts.
  • He still cleans his boots on his own, he uses the same model of shoes from the past 9 years and cleans them on his own even when the team has a kitman.

Toni Kroos is one of the best midfielders ever but on the same hand, he is also humble and never looks down on someone and that quality makes him a class apart from many youngsters that don’t follow the principles and show the honor that they should give everyone. He will go into history as a legend and will always be remembered by his fans.

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