Unleashing Competitive Edge: Tony Saldanha and Filippo Passerini’s New Book Ushers in a Business Process Revolution

  • In an inspiring follow-up to his critically acclaimed, Why Digital Transformations Fail, Tony Saldanha comes up with his next book Revolutionizing Business Operations with co-author Filippo Passerini
  • In an exciting development, the authors have created  an AI CHATBOT based on the book
  • The book sheds light on how to have best-in-class business operations for a sustained competitive advantage in a dynamically changing landscape

MUMBAI, India, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tony Saldanha and Filippo Passerini’s new book Revolutionizing Business Operations: How To Build Dynamic Business Processes for Enduring Competitive Advantage has now been released in India. The book was #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in business and management categories and is a must for leaders looking to create a sustained competitive advantage via business process transformation. In an exciting development, the authors have created an AI based CHATBOT, trained to offer insights and information related to the book, to make the reading experience more enjoyable and efficient. Berrett-Koehler has published the book in India.

Revolutionizing Business Operations

Tony Saldanha is a best-selling author, board advisor and Fortune 100 company consultant with deep expertise in operational Global Business Services (GBS) and Information Technology expertise. Meanwhile, Filippo Passerini  is one of the world’s leading shared service strategists, widely recognized for his game-changing approach to business management. His work has been the focus of numerous books and articles including the Harvard Business Review and has won dozens of awards.

Both the veterans bring their rich experience to their newest book, Revolutionizing Business Operations, that encompasses subjects of business and economics, business development, organizational development and projection and operations management. It is a groundbreaking book that provides valuable insights into achieving best-in-class business operations by two leading industry thought leaders with extensive experience in transforming business processes. Tony Saldanha and Filippo Passerini present their Dynamic Process Transformation model as a living and adaptable framework for perpetual process refinement and optimization for businesses. Within this model, the authors highlight three pivotal drivers of change.

Through their book, they advocate the adoption of “open market rules,” urging businesses to run each process autonomously rather than relying on rigid, top-down directives. Secondly, they emphasize the significance of “unified accountability,” emphasizing the need for clear and consistent outcomes that transcend departmental boundaries. Lastly, they introduce the concept of a “dynamic operating engine,” a methodology designed to effectively translate ever-evolving business process objectives into actionable daily tasks for employees. Drawing upon a multitude of compelling examples from industry-leading companies, this book vividly demonstrates how to proactively prevent business processes from stagnating and seize the often underestimated key to achieving enduring success.

Tony Saldanha, author of the book Revolutionizing Business Operations: How To Build Dynamic Business Processes for Enduring Competitive Advantage, said, “The book came from the fascinating patterns emerging from earlier, seemingly unrelated situations. After three decades or more each at P&G, Passerini and I stayed in touch through our next adventures of advising boards and Fortune 500 CXOs and teaching digital and processes transformation and kept swapping observations. That’s when we noticed similarities in our advice to our respective clients alongside patterns in the problems they faced in process operations and transformation. A second pattern that emerged was the growing need to transform business processes, reflecting the shift in the attitude of leaders towards digitized and streamlined operations – whether related to closing books, managing people, or operating supply chains. The question, then, for the two of us was what to do with that observation. And we realized we just needed to get those patterns out of our heads and into the open world.”

Filippo Passerini, co-author of the book Revolutionizing Business Operations: How To Build Dynamic Business Processes for Enduring Competitive Advantage, speaking about changing business dynamics said, “Business Operations grow complex, rigid, and siloed with time, but the one that able to adapt and adjust to the changing environment is which survives. Our task, therefore, as leaders is to prepare for “survival of the fittest,” not just by being episodically fit via periodic transformation programs, but by being continuously fit and relevant through a dynamic process transformation. In an ever-changing world, the desire to implement a successful process transformation or digital transformation is valid for sustainable development. This book was designed for business executives and leaders who are seeking sustained competitive advantage for their organizations.”

Tony Saldanha’s previous book, titled Why Digital Transformations Fail was released globally in July 2019 and ranked #1 on Amazon’s New Releases for Organizational Change. Revolutionizing Business Operations, is a must-read for executives and business leaders seeking to transform and excel in the modern business environment, offering a comprehensive and actionable approach to achieving best-in-class operations. The book is intended to be an applied guide to create an enduring competitive advantage by revolutionizing business operations. The authors’ Dynamic Process Transformation model provides a living model for constant, ongoing process evolution and optimization. With numerous examples from leading companies, this book shows how to proactively keep business processes across the company from becoming obsolete and take advantage of a neglected key to success.

About the Authors 

Tony Saldanha

Tony Saldanha is an author, speaker and a globally recognized thought leader in Global Business Services (GBS) and Digital Technology. He ran Procter & Gamble’s famed multi-billion-dollar GBS and IT operations in every region across the world during a 27 year career there. Tony has over three decades of international business expertise in the US, Europe, and Asia. Tony advises about 20 of the Fortune 100 organizations on digital strategy at the board or CXO levels.

Filippo Passerini 

Filippo Passerini is a world-renowned executive. He coined the term Global Business Services (GBS), which is now commonly used to describe the more mature shared services organizations. He has won numerous awards (CIO of the Year, CIO Hall of Fame, Shared Service Thought Leader of the Year, Breakaway Leader Award, etc.) for having shaped the shared services and IT functions within their respective industries. His leadership work as President of Procter & Gamble’s Global Business Services and Chief Information Officer has been recognized as best-in-class in the industry.


Title: Revolutionizing Business Operations: How to Build Dynamic Processes for Enduring Competitive Advantage

Authors: Tony Saldanha, Filippo Passerini

Contributor: Roger Martin

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers 

Length: 293 pages

Subjects:  Business & Economics › Development › Business Development

Business & Economics / Development / Business Development

Business & Economics / Organizational Development

Business & Economics / Production & Operations Management

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