Uppu Puli Kaaram OTT Release date; When and where is it releasing?

Here’s everything you need to know about “Uppu Puli Kaaram”.

Official Synopsis

“He learns that his father’s name is Subramani, and he tracks him down. He lands at UPK mess and confronts his father. Subramani is shocked and feels guilty & responsible for Thippu’s plight. He decides to be the fatherly figure to Thippu. However, the 4 siblings are confused with the arrival of the new guy and the drama unfolds while all of them continue to handle issues in their respective love lives.”


It disclosed the plot of the show, which centres on the contented family of a hotel owner. “Subramani and Subbalakshmi are a happy family with four children,” it said. They live in a building with a bottom floor that is home to their little hotel, Annam Mess. The family of Subbulakshmi’s brother resides on the first floor of the same building, while they occupy the first floor. Thippu tried out for a web series on a father-son bond, but she was unable to show emotion. Since his father abandoned him when he was a child, he feels as though he is incapable of expressing his emotions. He feels that spending time with his father will improve his ability to express himself, so he makes the decision to find him. The drama in the series starts when Thippu finds out about his father.

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Release Date

Uppu Puli Kaaram’s OTT release is scheduled on May 30, 2024 on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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