US-Russia Summit: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin’s meet on June 16

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold their summit on June 16 at the 18-century Swiss-Villa facing the Geneva Lake.

This classic estate is situated in a park along the left bank. Spotted with redwood trees, flower hedges and old wellsprings, the recreation center offers a shocking perspective on Lake Geneva and boats.

Bitter disputes over election interface, human rights, cyber attack, and Ukraine hangs onto their first face-to-face meet at the 18-century Swiss Villa.

Regional conflicts and strategic nuclear stability will be on the table. Biden, who is expected to show up in Britain on Wednesday toward the beginning of his first outing abroad as president, has said he would squeeze Putin to regard basic freedoms.

Putin said last Friday he anticipated that the talks should be held in a positive air, however he expected no leap forward.

He said allegations that Russian programmers were behind a cyberattack that upset meat creation in North America and Australia were an endeavor to incite a political column in front of the highest point, Interfax news organization reported.

In spite of “dangerous clamor” by the two sides, a shared goal has arisen to put their relationship “on a more unsurprising and stable premise,” said Robert Legvold, educator emeritus at Colombia University and a Russia master.

He told reporters in Swiss city on Wednesday, “Over the long haul Geneva summit have been critical to the relationship,”

“Also, with regards to really working out significant spaces of participation, strategic nuclear arms control, most of those discussions have been in Geneva as well.”

Political sources expect affirmation of the setting later on Wednesday or Thursday. The Swiss police and armed force have shut the two parks encompassing the Villa La Grange and have put blockades and spiked metal.

Unbiased Switzerland, which didn’t join Western approvals against Russia for its 2014 addition of the Crimea area from Ukraine, campaigned hard to land the principal huge force highest point in the Alpine country in many years.


However, back in 1985, during the era of Cold War, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbaachev and US President Ronaldo Reagan held their first meeting in Geneva’s Swiss-Villa, where they came down to a conclusion of cutting down their nuclear arsenals.

In Geneva, back in 2009, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was given a yellow box by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The yellow box had a red colored “reset” button which authentically symbolize improved ties under presidency of Barack Obama.

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