Uttakhand govt. to declare 135 persons missing in Chamoli glacier burst ‘dead’

Uttarakhand government has decided to declare all those missing in the Chamoli glacier burst that occurred on February 7 as ‘dead’.

Initially, 204 people were missing, and after rescue operations, 69 people have been found. The state health secretary Amit Negi issued a notice to invoke the Birth and Death Registration Act, 1969 wherein the designated officials will issue death certificates to family members or relatives in such cases. The notification by the government said, “In normal circumstances, the birth and death certificates are issued to a person at the place where he is born or died. But in exceptional circumstances, like the Chamoli disaster, if a missing person is possibly dead beyond all possibilities of being alive, but his body is yet to be found, the authorities could declare him dead by issuing the death certificate to his family members after a required inquiry.”

A glacier at Joshimath in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, breached and led to heavy flooding on February 7 and hit two power projects.