Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 First look dropped and Release Date confirmed. Check more details you must know


Vikings: Valhalla is a historical drama streaming television series. It is created by Jeb Stuart for Netflix streaming service. Apparently, It is a sequel to History’s Vikings, filmed in County Wicklow, Ireland. Set one hundred years after the events of Vikings, the series chronicles the beginning of the end of the Viking Age, marked by the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066. Initially, The 8-episode first season premiered on February 25, 2022. Later, a 24-episode order was announced in November 2019, the series was officially renewed for a second and third season in March 2022. The second season is scheduled to be released on January 2023.

For all the fans of Vikings and this upcoming season, following is everything you need to know about the series ahead of its release. If you are wondering about the release date, plotline and the potential cast of the upcoming season, then you are at the right place.

Following is everything that we know about the series so far. Make sure to check it out.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2: Cast

At this moment of writing, there is no specific update about the cast of the season 2. However, we expect most of the series main characters and regulars to return for the second season. Considering the same, following is the potential cast of Season 2.

  • Sam Corlett as Leif Erikson
  • Frida Gustavsson as Freydís Eiríksdóttir
  • Leo Suter as Harald Sigurdsson
  • Bradley Freegard as King Cnut
  • Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Olaf Haraldsson
  • Caroline Henderson as Jarl Haakon
  • Laura Berlin as Queen Emma of Normandy
  • David Oakes as Godwin
  • Gavin O’Connor as Earl Of East Anglia
  • Lujza Richter as Liv
  • Gavan O’Connor-Duffy as Njal
  • Edward Franklin as Skarde
  • Sam Stafford as Ulf
  • Álfrún Laufeyjardóttir as Yrsa
  • Jack Mullarkey as Toke
  • Kenneth M. Christensen as Jarl Norí
  • James Ballanger as Hallbjorn
  • Christopher Rygh as Agnarr
  • Pääru Oja as Arne Gormsson
  • Jaakko Ohtonen as Johan
  • Robert Mccormack as Tomas
  • Louis Davison as Prince Edmund
  • Gavin Drea as Eadric Streona
  • Asbjørn Krogh Nissen as Jarl Kåre
  • Annabelle Mandeng as Altöra

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2: Plot

We all know that the show broadly follows the adventures of famous Vikings as they blaze new paths in an ever-changing Europe.

According to Netflix Tudum, the second and upcoming season of Vikings: Valhalla sees the heroes shortly after the tragic fall of Kattegat, an event that has shattered their dreams and altered their destinies. Finding themselves suddenly fugitives in Scandinavia, they are forced to test their ambitions and courage in worlds beyond their familiar fjords.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2: First Look

The network has recently dropped the official first look of the season 2. Check it out below:

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2: Release Date

It’s Official! Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 is all set to arrive on Netflix on January 12, 2023.

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