Viral: Anand Mahindra shares a video of a dog’s reaction to a soccer match

A highly relatable clip of a canine with a message that you might agree to has been shared by Business tycoon Anand Mahindra.

A video of a dog reacting to a soccer match enthusiastically has been shared by Anand Mahindra on Twitter. The netizens showed their agreement to the caption that he added with the video which said that while the dog watches the soccer match in excitement, he (Anand Mahindra) would be just like that pooch when the pandemic is announced to be done and dusted.

The video was shared by Anand Mahindra on June 9th which attracted tons of reactions and over 75,700 views towards itself. The agreement on Anand’s caption was made evident by the netizens in the comment section as they resonated with his thoughts, and several of them shared how eager they are to see the pandemic done and dusted.

According to one of the Twitter users, there could be a possibility that the dog and its caretaker were watching a 3D rugby match and it would have felt as if the ball was about to hit them when it was thrown towards the camera. Following the same, the user urged people to get themselves vaccinated to bring an end to COVID-19 Pandemic as soon as possible.

Earlier, sharing a video of healthcare workers dancing to a peppy number to mark one year of battling with the pandemic at their COVID-19 facility, Anand Mahindra praised the frontline professionals for showing their courage and fighting spirit to defeat the virus.

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